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  1. Same situation. Dad is now retired but had pretty high income. Applied anyways since I am working now.
  2. Fair points. However, I do that that half from each weekend is kind of arbitrary. someone posted about adjusting scores and comparing which sounds a bit more reasonable to me but who knows what they will do!
  3. Interviewed last weekend. I really don't think for this interview type that an online interview is going to create much of a barrier between you and the panel interviewers. Its quite a standardized set-up as is and i don't believe its intended to have a super personal and intimate vibe.
  4. my bad... i didnt even see that people posted today lol
  5. Ok. This is the scenario i was really thinking about especially since I moved between several countries growing up and even if the interview is closed file, my time in the US is inherently related to the ‘tell me about yourself’ type questions. Thanks a ton!
  6. Not sure if this person is just generally saying they have sent rejections (which they did in late Jan) or if this is specific to yesterday/today.
  7. Hello all, I have an acceptance at a US medical school (SLU) already. My interview at Western is next week and I am unsure about whether I should reveal this information if asked. I am 99.9% sure with an acceptance at UWO that I would give up my spot at the US MD program (i strongly prefer to return to canada). I completed by undergrad at a US university, thus I am kind of expecting that they will ask me this question or inquire about applying to US MD programs. Has anyone has an experience with this? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, Interviewing on the 8th and i just remembered we need to take a picture with us. Is it just a 4 by 6 inch professional picture? is it landscape or portrait? thanks!
  9. Hey everyone - do we just need to get to the interview 30 minutes before and then leave right after? As in, there are not other commitments during the day?
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