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  1. About me I’m an Ontario resident with extensive experience in CASPER prep, personal statements, essays (UofT, Calgary, Dalhousie, Memorial, AMCAS), and ABS statements. I will teach you how to best highlight your experiences/activities to make it memorable for reviewers. What I can do for you Application Review Writing your ABS statements and essays is like playing a game. Those who understand the rules of the game receive interviews. I will help you highlight the important aspects of your experiences to make your application memorable to the reviewer. You need to tell your unique story and I will guide you through this process. Cost: $70/hour. $55/hour for long-term package. CASPER Prep Many students need to practice typing and responding to questions using simulated CASPER examinations. Major companies (Astroff, Bemo) offer these simulations. I will evaluate the quality of your responses to determine if you were successful in showcasing your experiences and thought process. Cost: $70/hour. $55/hour for long-term package. Interview Prep There are three elements to a great interview: 1. Content 2. Structure and Organization 3. Personality Once you have a sufficient knowledge base, you need to organize your responses to ensure clarity. Then, despite having organization you need to come off personable in your voice, posture, and facial expression. I will assist you in each of the three interview elements: 1. Content: I will provide you with the resources you need to build a solid foundation base for which to draw your responses on. 2. Organization: I will teach you my own strategies for organizing a response. 3. Personality: I will evaluate your body language and intonation. I am familiar with the MMI, MPI, and traditional/panel. Cost $85/hour. $70 for long-term package. If you are interested in my services, feel free to message me. I can meet with students through Skype or in-person. Note: I am responsible for adhering to professional standards and WILL NOT write your application for you or share any interview questions I encountered during my own interviews.
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