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  1. Previous applications, your insight would be appreciated: When Calgary calculates scores, is it necessary to be a full SD above/below the mean to get/lose the 15 points or is it a continuous scale? I.e. If the MCAT average based on last year's stats is 512 and SD is around 8, does this mean that you would have to score 512 +/- 8 to gain or lose 15 points OR can any incremental change above or below the mean alter your score?
  2. Someone posted on **DELETED** saying the same thing - message them new OMSAS ID in chat
  3. I honestly think it is fair to say that you learnt how to resolve conflicts because isn't that a part of teamwork after all? Maybe just clarify why that is an important part of teamwork too and that can help justify it. I would do it otherwise the entries would be too narrow and focus only on two qualities.
  4. I misspelled the room number in my referee address box in my application and added the referee. Is this a big deal? The system doesn't allow me to make any changes to added referee. Has anyone else encountered this problem before?
  5. Will my references that have submitted their letters be notified if I do not submit my application? I'm considering not completing my application because it's so late in the cycle and I would rather focus on Canadian applications at the moment.
  6. Thanks OP for initiating this thread and to all those who replied! It's super helpful for someone like me who is also considering applying to the french stream. Do you guys have any tips on writing the french casper and also on interviewing in french? Also, does anyone have any insight on how bilingualism is assessed at uOttawa? Does it give an advantage to your application and how do you claim bilingual status?
  7. Also an update: Western now requires an abbreviated ABS.
  8. AAMC SBs are a set of 100 questions each for C/P, B/B and P/S. You can purchase them from the AAMC website. Hands down the best preparation for the MCAT. They're super hard but if you can get accustomed to those questions, you can do well on the MCAT.
  9. They only count the years you've completed so if you apply in 4th year, they would only drop 3 worst FCEs. After undergrad is complete, then 4 FCEs.
  10. I think the worst classes are dropped irrespective of year but you get to drop one more FCE for every year you do. So if you're in third year, you get to drop your 3 worst FCEs, 4th year 4 worst FCEs. And someone please correct me if I'm wrong but I'm under the impression that 1 FCE is equal to 2 courses so by the end of 4th year you can basically drop 8 of your worst grades. This is what I understood from reading their FAQs multiple times over.
  11. Just wanted to point out that meeting the GPA and MCAT minimums for Western doesn't guarantee an interview.
  12. EDIT: I didn't realize this was the med student discussion thread lol i'm not a med student so feel free to disregard this advice. I'm pretty new here so I don't know if deleting posts is possible. I was gearing this towards undergrads. I agree with ralk. Try to move up in the same environment through other opportunities. Maybe you can speak with your supervisor and see if there is a scholarship or grant you can apply for to try to get funding and increase your involvement in the research part. If that doesn't work, seriously consider moving labs and going into one that is willing to mentor you and understands your future goals. I cannot stress enough the importance of surrounding yourself with good people who truly care about your progress and provide you with opportunities to grow. It's hard to get a judgement of a good lab online so maybe ask friends and colleagues which labs/professors have a good reputation. You can also tell how much the supervisor cares about his/her students by just their communication skills with you through email, etc.
  13. I'm from Ottawa so speaking from personal experience, I can say the Byward Market is a great place if you want to live in a lively neighbourhood. Tons of food options and great social scene. However, if you want a quiet neighbourhood where you can study in peace inside your home, it might not be great. The surrounding areas with housing (Sandy Hill, Glebe) might be a better mix for the quietness of a neighbourhood + proximity to the activity in downtown. Also, keep in mind, Byward is still a 15-25 minute walk to the shuttle bus stop on the main campus, something to consider for the dreadful Ottawa winters. There is also plenty of housing right around RGN where most med students like to live and bus links to downtown are available as well, including shuttle service.
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