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  1. It took me 37 minutes because I didn't re-watch any of my videos. I feel that it will be pass/fail too or that they will attribute a much smaller weight to the interview because it was so short!
  2. I think it's for grad applicants in general however will you complete your degree by June 30, 2021? If you're starting this year, chances are you won't complete before the start of next year's class so you might not be eligible for admissions. I also think you have to have completed the degree for the gpa to be considered so that policy might only apply to those who have already graduated at the time of application because at the time of application, you won't have grades from your grad degree to report to contribute towards your pre-interview score.. This is just my understanding/analysis of that policy and I might be wrong!
  3. yup, my guess is that they'll have shorter time limits, maybe 5 minutes? and maybe they'll have a couple of personal questions too since the blog post said "scenarios and questions". really frustrating to not know more yet and yes I'm worried my performance won't be representative of my qualities since the interview is so short
  4. @Otakumoss They emphasized that they would ensure fairness amongst the two interview groups so perhaps they would be picking 1/2 of their class from each interview weekend to rule out the effect of online/in-person interviews? who know...only time will tell!
  5. It said somewhere in the post-interview survey sent out yesterday that if you feel that there were severe technical difficulties during your online interview (disruptions that lasted for more than 10 minutes, etc), you could ask for a repeat but they would need to go in and assess themselves to determine whether the repeat is in fact necessary so not a guarantee and only really provided as a last resort option!
  6. Asking people from march 7/8 to redo would be unfair because chances are they would do better due to their familiarity with the questions and nature of the interview. It would also add unnecessary stress to those applicants. I think what schulich did is fine and the redo was clearly only for people that actually had a lot of technical difficulties - they said they would assess your interview to see if you would qualify for this if you did request it. This also makes sense in terms of conserving/maximizing efficient use of resources. We obviously don't want to add more commitments to the already hectic schedule and stressful lives of the physician/community member/med student + admissions committee, especially not during the current state of events. @Medicine12345 If you feel that the technical difficulties severely detracted from your interview and fit within the criteria outlined in the post-interview survey they sent out yesterday, it is fair to ask for a redo. Otherwise, I would just expand on the technical difficulties and my concerns in the post-interview survey so that they can do their best to account for similar disruptions for all those who interviewed online.
  7. sorry i edited my post because I forgot to add "pre-" before the mmi - i meant what is the difference between the pre-mmi scores and file review scores (both before interviews)?
  8. Dr. P posted both mean pre-mmi scores and file review scores in one of the posts on the admissions blog. Does anyone have any insight on how these two are different and what they constitute? Thanks.
  9. i'm also wondering the same thing, i don't see anything in bear tracks yet
  10. There's an update on the admissions blog - it'll be a 30 minute pre-recorded virtual interview, seems like a mix of mmi and "questions"
  11. There's an update on the admissions blog - it'll be a 30 minute pre-recorded virtual interview, seems like a mix of mmi and "questions"
  12. I just got an email describing the software they will use - seems like it will be pre-recorded rather than live. The email said additional details will be forthcoming... How are you guys preparing for this with such limited info so far?
  13. you're a strong applicant. I agree with premed72 1) See if you can improve CARS before the next application cycle. Aim for a 128 or higher to be competitive at Mac, Western and Queens. This would also open up doors at OOP schools. 2) If improving CARS isn't possible, you still have a great shot at UofT and Ottawa. Don't underestimate the essays for UofT and casper for uOttawa. 3) During the gap year, continue working on your ECs! That will help more than a masters. Your issue is not gpa or EC related, it might've just been the way your application was written, poor essays and casper. Best of luck
  14. I feel like the ethical questions were super long! I had to get them to repeat one and they also kept asking me follow up questions when I didn't answer a part of the question...I don't feel great about my performance though.
  15. they emailed just now and it specifies that you need a certain browser for "live interviews" so I guess it is live!
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