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  1. Thanks for taking the time to give me meaningful advice on improving my chances for next cycle! Your advice for structuring interview answers was very helpful!
  2. I haven’t heard of anyone getting off the wait list yet and I haven’t heard back from Mac either.
  3. For those who were waitlisted, your documents are still showing up as required right? And status is still pending? Just making sure!
  4. I can't help but wish that I had an in-person interview rather than a virtual one. No way of knowing whether that might have changed the result for me but I wish there was some transparency with the stats comparing # of applicants accepted from in-person vs. virtual interviews to put my mind at ease.
  5. Thanks a lot for posting that update, I was considering emailing them myself. Hopefully, they don't take weeks to process everything!
  6. or maybe it's based on cohort, i was in cohort 2
  7. Hoping it's good news for you guys since the emails are taking so long to come in! Best of luck
  8. Just got rejected (OOP), email was sent at 3:13 MST
  9. Yup! Next year it is probably for me too! At least bad waitlist provides some closure lol weird that we haven’t seen anyone post a rejection yet
  10. Result: Low Waitlist (Unspecified campus) Timestamp: 10:45 AM 2-year GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 129/128/127 Interview: online Year: Graduated and working Geography: Non-SWOMEN
  11. ok this wait is not cute anymore PLEASE WESTERN don't ghost me like this
  12. I hope the timing doesn’t mean anything! I’m still waiting to get my email
  13. so far, i'm only seeing that one person got a high waitlist email. the rest are normal
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