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  1. Wow, thank you to everyone above who replied and shared their thoughts! I'm glad to know I'm not alone @FuturePT2020 with our worries. But thank you @OntarioPTstudent1996 and @rehabhopeful for providing your insight and framing the situation through another lens. You're right that by the fall, even if it's online, it will probably be running even smoother than it has been since campus closures began, as instructors and programs have had time to troubleshoot and figure things out (I'm glad to hear it's been going well for you online btw! That's reassuring to know). Thank you for the reassurances regarding PCE passing/failing when the time comes if it appears education has been impacted negatively, they may adjust. And it's a good point that all schools will work hard to make sure we are still ready to be successful on it, no matter what. I feel better just by sharing my thoughts with you all, so again I really appreciate these comments. I personally do think I will very likely stick to my acceptance and grind it out, whatever ends up actually happening this year. I will have faith that we will all be able to support and learn from each other adequately as learners, despite social distancing. The process of applications has been exhausting the last couple years and I just want to get my foot in the door started towards a career and have the hard work I put in during undergrad pay off (I'm 2 years post-BSc now, and turning 25 in the fall also). I just personally hope we find out more information soon and I'll try to let go of overthinking the worst case scenarios for now.
  2. Hi everyone, hope you're all doing okay, staying safe, healthy, and positive. I'm posting here, because I just need to vent and share my thoughts regarding COVID-19 impacts on the fall term, beginning our PT/OT studies. Maybe others feel the same way, or have insight into how to counter or overcome these concerns that I want to express: I'm an incoming Canadian PT student, and my university has said they will be doing most learning online this fall. They are saying that there will be only *very limited* allowances for some clinical/laboratory activities, if at all. We have not had an update specifically from the program on how this will look or how it will affect the program, but obviously there will be huge barriers to beginning our learning. Personally, I struggle heavily with online learning and focusing at home, even though I suppose that I'm lucky, as I will be living alone with no one to distract me. But, being stuck at home will be a huge hurdle for me to adapt to rapidly once classes start. It's more the day-to-day routine of attending lectures and clinical/labs that I really need. Some people find that they enjoy the flexibility of remote learning, but I actually find flexibility in my learning schedule to be detrimental. I am prone to depressive episodes when structure in my routine or real social contact doesn't exist. Sitting and staring at a computer screen for hours a day (which I have done a lot of in my full-time job last this past year, and I burnt out intensely from it) is really awful for someone who went through undergrad using limited technology in the first place (hand-written notes, printed slides - I never took notes on my laptop in-class because I find it so distracting). I don't retain new learning/academic material very well when I have to type or watch through a computer compared to physically sitting in class for a live lecture. During my undergrad, I really only used a computer when I absolutely had to, ie. watching short videos, online assignments for mathematics courses, typing up assignments, etc. I know this sounds dramatic, but nothing sounds worse to me than trying to learn how to be a physiotherapist online, in my basement apartment, with limited-zero contact with my peers, professors, or clients, save for maybe silly Zoom calls or something. Needless to say, I am feeling quite anxious, and finding it hard to see any of the "positives" of this situation. Not only do I think my own academics and comprehension will suffer from trying to study our first term courses online, surely our clinical skills will be be more poorly developed compared to the cohorts above us? We will not have the same access to resources on campus, from Day 1. We will likely not receive the same proper orientation to professional clinical learning to begin with, which is paramount to our education. I don't know how we will "catch up" from this early major gap in our learning either, what with the program only being ~2 years with very limited breaks. You can't become a competent health professional just by studying online or watching online clinical simulations of the "real thing". I'm sorry for all of this negativity. I feel selfish because I should be happy that I was accepted to physio school in Canada, and that I have this chance to begin this journey towards my career. But I am already worried that ~2+ years from now, the impacts of COVID-19 will still be felt when it comes time to trying to pass the PCE and actually enter the workforce as competent PTs. Part of me has thoughts that I'm better off taking another year to work and re-applying, but who's to say that I'll be accepted again, or that we won't have another major lockdown situation next year or anytime between 2021-23...thus, running into the same issues.
  3. Hi guys, congrats to those of you who will be having the opportunity to do your panel interview online, you should be proud of yourselves for being able to interview exceptionally despite the challenges of the online MMI format. The rejection that I received is a clear one - the email states “Unfortunately, you have not been selected for a panel interview. All candidates who were offered a spot on the wait list have been contacted.” then followed by a typical rejection blurb thanking me for my interest in queen’s, large # of applicants; and that no feedback can be provided for unsuccessful applications.
  4. If I recall last year they emailed us and it was a bulletin note on the Secondary application when they made the feedback letters available. I don’t see anything/we haven’t got an email yet, so I assume like a lot of other schools and programs this is something that has been delayed due to the circumstances. so we will have to be patient to see how we stacked up this year
  5. I got my rejection / not on the waitlist but the email says “all waitlisted applicants have been contacted” so you guys should probably hear soon.
  6. Ahh I see, okay thank you + the other posters above who also helped clarify and confirm! Hang in there everyone... :/
  7. Am I reading the latest email correctly...?! not everyone who completed the online Kira interview will receive the chance to have a panel interview. Only the highest ranking MMI+ file review scorers are going to have the chance, plus those who are called from a “waitlist”....
  8. I agree for the most part. I didn’t so much struggle with the content of the questions but I wish I had practiced more specifically with the Queen’s timing style. did anyone else have a problem where they sort of prematurely answered the follow up question within the main 5 min prompt?. .
  9. I found this awkward too, it was so hard to look back to check for clarification. I wasted time on a few questions trying to do this.
  10. Deleted *trying not to feel too sorry for myself lol*
  11. I understand the decision for this, but I'm dreading this as someone who will be interviewing at Queen's online now on the weekend of the 28th/29th. I feel horribly awkward, distracted and more nervous when speaking through a webcam. I find it's hard to get "excited" and focused/"in the zone" for it like I would for an in-person interview. I hope that they also take into account the difficulty of making eye contact with a webcam. You have to look right at the webcam hole to direct eye contact which is weird/hard to do with just one person, now imagine if there's multiple faces behind the screen also...I guess I should look into tips for how best to do this :/
  12. Hello, I am in need of a practice partner to help each other prepare for MMI and/or panel interview questions. I have not done enough practice yet for my interviews in March... I have tried to prepare using rather ineffective solo strategies thus far...if you can relate, or are also in need of a partner to practice with and provide feedback, please send me a PM.
  13. Weirdly, my connection is similar m. My family has a similar story to yours although they have stayed ever since...rejected second year in a row though.
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