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  1. sorry for the confusion guys I'm so out of it - clicked the wrong link/forum...rookie mistake. ignore my previous reply plz! i'll be more careful from now on.
  2. Last year, 521 (99th percentile) was the lowest MCAT score for OOP interviewees. Additionally, a 128 in CARS was also the cut-off for OOP - which was 90th % last year. Your GPA does not matter for Sask so long as you are above 85% this year. It doesn't factor into your ranking for an interview or admission at all. It's only the MCAT (and then interview if you get one). I'd say apply anyways because the OOP applicant pool could shift from year to year...best of luck! Source (Page 14/22): https://medicine.usask.ca/documents/ugme/admission/Entry2019ApplicantInformation.pdf
  3. Hey thank you!! Mine finally updated the other day. Sooooo slow but at least I know they have my transcripts.
  4. Hey guys, I submitted section 1 of my app on August 22nd. I sent my transcipts in the mail the same day. My BearTracks to-do list is still completely blank so I have no idea about my transcript status. Can anyone who has applied in previous years chime in on when their Beartracks finally updated...not sure at what point I'll have to re-send my transcripts if that's the case.
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    In the Help Guide they say that if you are continuing an activity, then enter the "end date" as June 1 2018.
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    Organizations for Service Trips

    Depending on where you are located, your city/town may have opportunities to work/volunteer with people in socioeconomically disadvantaged neighbourhoods. Maybe you could do some searching and see if your university or nearby organizations have a mentor program where you work with vulnerable groups. There are also some camp counselor positions/camps themselves I'm sure that are geared more to providing experiences for disadvantaged or at-risk youth.
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    Help please!

    If it's just Friday and Saturday, I think you should keep it, especially if it helps you out financially. I struggled with balance too even though I've never had to work during the school year (Was a varsity athlete though my first two years, an 15-25 hours a week of training/practices/meets was taxing) but the change in study habits is crucial. You can do it, try to get into a rhythm this semester and then as you feel comfortable seek out some other activities you enjoy.
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    Help please!

    You did great in first year, give yourself some credit. :) As someone who finished first year with only a 3.0 GPA (73% average), the way I improved my grade drastically (3.96, 3.87, 3.97 my next three years) was reviewing my notes right after class. Don't wait until a week or so before a midterm to look back on all the lectures so far. When you study for a class as little as 30-45 min daily, you'll master things early on and store them into longterm memory, and you'll know what things you need clarification on or what you need to study more. I'm not sure what your schedule is like, but try to squeeze those quick reviews of lectures or labs in before work, or in between classes. Organic Chemistry is tough (I took it in my first year when I didn't know how to study/was too scared to ask for help, pulled off a B- ... with GOOD habits you can certainly get an A!!!), but again - stay on top of everything, do practice problems, ask for clarification as soon as you don't understand something, you will be fine! Go into it with an attitude of "I am going to do great" - don't buy into the fearmongering.
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    It says in the application manual to not enter courses that you withdrew from
  10. Anaik - Yes, what you're saying makes sense. My raw score overall GPA without any rounding is between 3.90 and 3.95 (adding up and dividing by # of credit hours), so I initially assumed I'd be rounded down to 3.9. One of my years is >3.85, but below 3.9, and the other year is >3.95, so I saw that those two individually get rounded up to 3.9 and 4.0. Makes sense. But, in this older thread, it looks like someone called admissions and confirmed that option 2 that the OP put forward is the way that GPA is calculated, so this was the source of my confusion:
  11. Hi guys! I've been lurking these forums for about a year now, finally figured I'd make an account. So, I just finished typing up my grades into the online transcript form for my Dal application (as well as sent my transcripts off in the mail)... Quick question because I thought I read somewhere that 0.05 --> gets rounded up: My overall GPA is 3.95 (averaged among the years I am using for the calculation), but it's showing up to be rounded down, to 3.9. Is this what the calculation was like for others?