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  1. Weirdly, my connection is similar m. My family has a similar story to yours although they have stayed ever since...rejected second year in a row though.
  2. Welp, once again feeling down as an OOP with what I think is a very strong maritime connection (half of my family is from there, I’m the first generation to be born outside of the region!). No email so I’m 99.9% surely facing a rejection. this year my stats were 4.0 & 513, but that doesn’t matter because I guess they just don’t like my essay or there’s others with better ones. Congrats to those OOP selected!
  3. Thank you so much for your reply!! Yeah, it's the same with my major - so many course codes on my transcript are a little misleading, but I'm nervous to deviate in case it makes me look sketchy. I'm going to email them to check for sure.
  4. Hey everyone, this is probably a silly question but I just want to ask if anyone else has done the same. When we enter our grades into UCAN, it asks for a "description" of the course (the subject of the course). I'm just wondering which is more accurate. As a made up course example, let's say it says "MATH 180 - Calculus I" on my transcript. Do you use the description "Calculus" or "Math" when entering this course? What about a course like Classics ("CLASS 200 - Ancient Greece", let's say) There is no "Classics" option on UCAN. Should I enter "Other", or would it also be acceptable to also enter "History", since the course was a history course (and the classics/history department are combined)? I just worry that maybe putting "other" on the description doesn't do me any favours, and it doesn't tell the assessors much.
  5. The table says that although the maximum theoretical score for personal activities is 17.00, the highest score achieved by an applicant this cycle was 12.00.
  6. Yes ^ this is what I meant to convey. Sorry for any confusion! I'm OOP, but my letter makes NO distinction that the table they provide is for OOP applicants. It simply says: "The tables show the maximum score achieved in each category, as well as the average score of those who were offered an interview. Your score is displayed below." Maybe if someone who was IP and rejected can chime in with what their numbers in their table say...?
  7. My letter says the average scores for people INVITED to interview are as follows: GPA: 3.94 / 4.0 Personal Activities: 7.00 /17.00 MCAT: 129.54 / 132 The maximum scores achieved by applicants in each were 4.0, 12.00, and 132.00, respectively.
  8. I got a 498 (122/124/123/129) on that test when I wrote it in November 2017 prior to any studying. Started studying ~April 26th, 2018, wrote my test at the end of July 2018 and scored 513 (126/128/127/132). I found the CARS on the mock TPR test super difficult because I hadn't done any questions like that before. I fell for the wrong answer choices due to not reading the question carefully, and I was also soooo slow at reading that I ran out of time for the last passages. Do lots of practice and try to figure out why you're choosing the wrong answers and you will likely see a good improvement!
  9. Status: Regrets Time Stamp: 05/02/2019 -- 18:00 (EST) GPA: 3.93 MCAT: 128 Geography: OOP Academic year: Graduated BSc EC's: Some things in my Top 10 are quite dated and others from a few years ago so I guess that's what probably lost me some points (like athletic achievements and some of my leadership employment positions). I do believe that I have good diversity and valuable experiences at least but next year I hope to improve on what things I include/exclude and write about them more effectively.
  10. How come some people are saying they didn’t get an email at all? Wouldn’t it make sense that those that didn’t = on the waitlist? Maybe it’s different from last year?
  11. Welp guess this means they're sending out invites first. Congrats everyone!
  12. Hello! sorry for posting this in the CoM forum but I am wondering if any one on these forums has applied to USask MPT in the last year or two. I am thinking about applying next cycle (2019-2020). My calculated % academic average on the last 60 credits would be around 90.1-90.6% (depending on how they calculate it when you have to extract grades from a previous term/if I pick up an elective this fall). I can't find statistics on their website except that the top 96 applicants (based on academic average) are invited to interview. Does anyone have any idea if a low 90% is enough to get an interview, or was enough in previous recent years? :/ I don't feel comfortable asking my former classmates who applied and interviewed last year what their AA was... Also, I know for a fact that lots of College of Medicine applicants applied to MPT with no intention to accept their offer but just used it as a "practice" run for their med interview, thus increasing the AA needed to get an interview for people that actually wanted PT as their first choice/didn't also apply to medicine. This is why I'm unsure about the % needed, it seems like it'd be higher than a low 90...but really what I do know haha.
  13. Result: Regrets Time Stamp: 9:00 AM EST wGPA/cGPA: 3.93 Year: Graduated BSc 2018 MCAT: 126/128/127/132 (513) ECs: Lots but not good enough haha! Geography: IP I've been rejected to 5/6 schools I applied to, and will prob be rejected from Calgary to make it 6/6 in the next week or so because I'm OOP and the competition is fierce and evidently my ECs are not strong enough. This is my first cycle applying, so I told myself not to expect much but it's hard to not be disappointed and discouraged and feel frustrated about things and feel like I'm far behind everyone else in terms of ECs and just how outstanding you need to be to even have a moderate chance...
  14. Time Stamp: 12:02 PM ESTResult: RejectionwGPA: 3.97MCAT: 513 Current Degree: Graduated BSc Geography (IP/OOP): OOPExtracurricular Activities (awards, achievements, volunteering, employment, research, etc.): variety, short term and long term. All 4 spots for each category were filled in. Some cool life experience things an achievements (competitive sport, poetry, 2nd author publication in intl medical journal). Additional Comments: I talked about having experienced an abusive relationship in my first year which caused poor grades/quitting of varsity sport/transferring schools. Some of my ECs now involve supporting and advocating for survivors of intimate partner violence...but...to be quite honest, I regret mentioning this in any of my applications and I will probably leave it off next cycle when I inevitably have to reapply. I feel like I should have listened to others and refrained from mentioning this kind of experience (sexual assault, IPV, mental health). CASPer: Felt good, but got cut off for time after only a short sentence in the 3rd question a few times This is my 4th straight rejection so far this cycle wooohooo.
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