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  1. I was wondering if anyone has noticed any drastic fluctuations in their NAQ score year to year? Is a 10 point increase too much to hope for? I have a couple new activities (2 pubs, 1 conference, another service ethic position) but I want to be realistic...
  2. Result: Rejected Time Stamp: 9:00AM Interview Date: N/A wGPA/cGPA: wGPA 3.78 Year: Completed BSc MCAT: 512 (127, 127, 128, 130) ECs: Exec and president on multiple clubs for 4 years, experience working with diverse communities (LGBTQ+, mental health), long term volunteering at a hospital and with an not for profit, Research experience with 1 publication, worked retail throughout undergrad, some unique hobbies, long term sport in high school and rec-league in university. Geography: IP Of course my GPA is on the lower end, but I thought I could just make the cut-off. Anyone have any advice on how to improve my app? Should I retake the MCAT to make myself eligible for Western? I'll be able to add another publication by the time next cycle rolls around... but this is so disappointing
  3. Has anyone taken additional courses through TRU-OL? Any recommendations? I was looking into: - ENVS 3991 Environmental Studies: Sustainability - MDLB 1221 Professional Practices and Safety in Healthcare - PSYC 1111 - Intro Psych (never took psych in uni but scored a 130 on MCAT so figured I could do well in it?)
  4. My 2yr GPA is currently a 3.78 but I want to prepare myself as adequately as possible in the very likely case I don’t get in this year. I was thinking of taking 6 courses between now and April through TRU-OL. Does anyone know if this is eligible for the 2yr GPA?
  5. Hi everyone, I know this has been asked before but I was wondering if there was any confirmation that QMed accepts a year of unclassifed courses as part of their 2yr GPA? What if I were to take 6 courses from now until the end of April through TRU-OL? i.e. starting 3 now until Feb and then 3 more Feb - April? Thanks!
  6. doglife123

    AGPA Calculation

    So say I have low grades in my first and second year that I want to drop... would that mean I could only drop courses from one year? And if I want to keep the courses I did well in, does that I drop fewer than 30 credits?
  7. My publication was accepted today (June 24) but the deadline for UBC research publications is June 1. Is there any way I can still include the DOI on my app?
  8. Assuming I am applicable for the agpa calculation, does the AGPA calculation mean the lowest 30 credits on your transcript are dropped or only the lowest credits in one particular year? Are summer courses counted in AGPA calculations?