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  1. Hey everyone, Is there a list of potential panel (not MMI) interview questions floating around? i.e. the typical why medicine etc. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone given Queen's a call? I still haven't heard anything and checked my junk/spam folders as well
  3. Yea im also still waiting (which probably isn't a good sign, right?)
  4. Hey everyone, Do interview decisions normally come out the first or second week of December? Just trying to mentally prepare myself..........
  5. Does anyone know where the referee is supposed to describe in what capacity they know the applicant? OMSAS just states that it asks the referee the four questions but nowhere about how they know the applicant.....
  6. It varies depending on the grading scale of your institution! I would suggest converting each course grade (either letter grade or percentage, depending on the institution) using the OMSAS scale and then calculating your cGPA based on that.
  7. Haha ok, slight overreaction on my part but I figure that verifiers are all contacted electronically (without adcoms actually overseeing any of this) so it would automatically be void. Thankfully, I was able to edit the verifier contact information. PHEW.
  8. For one of my entries, I put the email where the phone number is supposed to go and the phone number where the email is supposed to go! What do I do? D:
  9. Where are referees supposed to include how they know/worked with the applicant?
  10. Hi, I'm confused about Queen's requirement of 1 personal reference. I have two profs and a previous employer (not at all academic related job). Would the employer be considered personal? Thanks!
  11. Is it just me who noticed that diversity of experience went from 12 activities max to 10 for the 2019/2020 cycle?
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