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  1. Hi guys, Just wondering if someone can help answer my question for the next enrolment cycle. How do full year courses work? Does it depend when your marks are released? Since grades are considered up until December, would the grade still be considered? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know what the UofT PT subGPA cut off was last year?
  3. I have a feeling it will be in the morning. I think last year was the same thing
  4. Thank you so much, this really does help a lot! If its okay with you I'll just message you my questions/response
  5. This is great, thank you for the help! Do you know if UBC accepts courses like biomechanics as a substitute for physics?
  6. Is it safe to say that if you didn’t get an ACORN sign in, you’re not getting in to UofT? I only got Western sign in info.
  7. Hey! Thank you for that info it helps a lot since I’m starting to plan for fall! Did you consider applying to UBC or Dalhousie and found it was the same case? Congrats on McGill though! That’s awesome If you don’t mind, can I ask how the process was of applying there? And it isn’t a French-speaking program right? Best of luck for getting into Ontario too!
  8. Hi everyone! I applied this round but I honestly don't think I will get it because of an unfortunate grade on my transcript that ruined my subGPA. I have been working for the past two years, taking courses to push it out of my subGPA so I need a couple more courses to do that. Anyways, I've only tried applying to Ontario schools so for my next attempt I want to apply to more schools across Canada to increase my chances, even though my preference is to stay in the province. Can anyone give me insight on applying to outside-ontario schools? It is quite intimidating for me, but I want to be a PT so much that I have to give it a shot. Any help is appreciated
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