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  1. I agree.. I think you're overthinking it. My opinion is just go for it. If you're self conscious about the shade of your teeth then you'll love a whitened version and yes it can legitimately boost confidence. Any sensitivity will be temporary - max a day or two. The office you get it done at will go over this with you. Yes, it's worth $250 if it's done at a reputable dental clinic. Alternatively you could try Crest white strips at home first. They work pretty well in my experience. Just do it! You'll have better things to worry about once you're in school (and less time for dental appointments)
  2. JK... they are coming out this week. And to answer my own question, rejections will come via email.
  3. Sounds like offers came out... didn't get one... . Congrats to all those who did though!!! Does anyone know whether rejections arrive via email or snail mail? Thanks
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