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  1. Trust me, it won’t be you. But if you keep that unprofessionalness up I’ll see you at some of my events
  2. I like this guy. There will be many social event The formal letter does come in the mail.
  3. Hello, I know of some potential living arrangements with some upper year pharmacy students. If you would like me to ask in your stead or pass along some contact information PM me please.
  4. Sounds like you could benefit from some benzo therapy haha. Kidding aside, hang in there, there’s still two more rounds. Believe in yourself!
  5. It’s always been a looming thought in our minds. I’ve talked to many pharmacists in my couple years of volunteering and working and the general consensus is that we are getting more and more responsibilities with less and less pay. The market is becoming saturated as does almost every job. As the baby boomer population starts to retire we may see an increase in jobs and increase in demand/patient base. Additionally, the role of a pharmacist continues to change more and more and with it pharm techs will be replacing some clerical roles of a pharmacists. Depending on how this translates to our changing roles and demand and need for our position will continue to create unease. We will see with time how our role changes.
  6. This was based on per year basis If you are looking for a place to stay there are places in McKernan area (so long as you share with a roommate) that can go from $500 to $1000 a month.
  7. If your tuition is the same as ours (likely), it will be $12,555. Now that’s just tuition as there are other fees such as ACP membership (~$460), APSA membership ($440), as well as textbooks if you’d like (you don’t need them). That plus the $1000 you will be spending at Tim Hortons . Hope that helps!
  8. I hope everyone here gets into Pharm! If you guys are here getting insight and what not, you guys deserve it.
  9. I wouldn’t say the 4.0 GPAs dominate first round. I know quite of 4.0s that we’re 3rd and 4th round as well as 3.3 to 3.5s that we’re first round. It’s all about your full package that you bring
  10. We got acceptances through email first then mail afterwards. As for transcripts I honestly do not remember going through a process to do so. Which could mean they requested transcripts from us. It would be best to check through student services to be 100% sure. Anjela (student services) is always up for questions like that!
  11. I believe I did very well on my interview and especially the letter of intent. i got accepted 2nd round (of 4 rounds) on June 29th. I believe first rounds was June 19th or so.
  12. Oh it was. I applied anyways preparing for the “I’m sorry to inform” letter. But it never came. I spoke with Anjela (student services) before about applications and she did inform me of the two year criteria. In other words, don’t let a bad year prevent you from applying next time if you don’t make it in!
  13. You don’t have to know a lot of specifics but I would understand the types of pharmacists that there are and have a good sense of what you want from pharmacy. What I mean by this is to show passion towards pharmacy and the betterment of the healthcare system through inter-professional collaboration. As for GPA I’ll tell you mine. I decided to apply for Pharmacy after my 4th year when I finished my degree. The faculty focuses heavily on the last two years (not including spring and summer) when they calculate GPA. That being said I must have been the exception. My GPA was 3.8, 3.8, 2.1, and then 3.7. I hit quite rock bottom in life in my third year but funny enough it probably increased my chance of getting into pharm as it gave me good life experience.
  14. Hello all, I am from the Class of 2022 with some insight from previous members who held a role on the application board. I know how reading all these posted high GPAs can scare lots of you. I just wanted to let you all know to not worry yourself if your GPA isn’t in the high 3.5 and up. GPA has become a significantly smaller factor when it come to your application. As an example, I applied with people with confirmed 3.9’s, where I had a much lower GPA. My friend unfortunately did not get accepted. From what I know is that your letter of intent and interview is vital to your success. If you tailored these things towards the changing landscape of pharmacy and hint “interprofessional” compatibilities, you may find yourself at a higher advantage. Sorry for being late with this information but I hope it helps ease some worries. Remember, there is so much more to you than just a number. Who you are is what will determine your success in applications and the “much more fun” pharmacy school journey. I hope to see you all next year!
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