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  1. I believe there is a possibility! Good luck!
  2. Oops, I meant 33,000. Yeah I used up my savings in the first 2 years of undergrad grad.
  3. Welp. I’m already $33,000 in the hole, what’s another $80,000 :))) I got a $125,000 student line of credit just in case from TD Bank. This is just back up with the yearly 22,500 I receive from AlbertaAid. Its a lot of debt but what else can you do at this point.
  4. Are you having difficulties adding this to your schedule? For me it seems like everything worked out. But the schedule is glitched where it doesn’t show 243
  5. For you guys does it say you are still enrolled in your previous program or does it say you are enrolled PharmD?
  6. You are able to enroll? I’m assuming most of us have heard back from Angela but haven’t been enrolled into the program yet on bear tracks. She said they will be sending out the official packages at the end of this month
  7. For those who are already registered or anjela said she enrolled you in the program, has your enrolment changed on beartracks? For me it doesn’t show that I’m enrolled yet oddly.
  8. If the money is in your summer 2018 account it’s good to go. Anjela will soon send you an email.
  9. It’s private I assume. My friends in the class of 2020 are in one! I don’t know how it even starts lol, do they release a list of names?
  10. GPA boosters are the classes you enjoy. For me it was Pmcol 201, 303 and 305
  11. I just did this myself. I just put 15000 lol. The maximum is 22500. Request whatever the maximum is
  12. I am under the assumption that the admissions board has already met and looked at all candidates and have ranked them accordingly. They are slowly rolling out admissions in batches. For us June 28 admissions, we have until July 14th to make our decisions. Therefore I believe the next batch of admissions would be around July 15th or a few days further. But to answer your question I don’t believe inquiring would do much for you
  13. I did, I booked an appointment in January regarding applying and what the admissions team would be looking for. During the meeting they emphasized that they will ONLY be looking at the most recent 2 fall/winter academic GPAs. Yes this means that: pGPA or cGPAs do not matter unless they fit under this criteria, and spring/summer courses and their respective GPAs do not matter or account towards the application process. In addition, they stressed the importance of having a full course load (5 courses per semester). As an example if two students both applying with a 3.5 GPA, one with 9 courses and the latter with 10 courses per year. The student with the heavier course load would be admitted over the other. Finally, I asked them to give me a weight on each part of the application process. They said the optional part of shadowing a pharmacist is essentially mandatory due to the fact that if one cannot take the time to do so, they dont have enough drive or care to be part of the program. Other than, they told me that your grades would be worth around 70% of the application and the other two parts would be worth around 30%. This information is what I got from the meeting. Now, I have talked to someone who was on the admissions team for the class of 2021. They stated that they take the courses that were taken over the past 2 years and calculate multiple GPAs based on certain classes, emphasizing on Biochem and Pmcol. There are a few other GPAs that they calculate but all in all the focus is on biochem and pharmacology. Im not sure how important this is or how this process will reflect the admission process that went on this year but it is worth noting. I hope this helps, and please excuse my poor writing as this is all done on my iPhone haha.