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  1. On their website it only says a MINIMUM of 15% out-of-province students are accepted but it does not mention anything about the amount of in-province students that are accepted. Does that mean if there are a substantial amount of out-of-province students with high GPA's and a good interview, they will take precedence over in-province students? If anyone in the program or has previously been in their program could share their experiences, that would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody knew how physio schools calculate the gpa of an applicant based on their most RECENT 60 credits when they only took 24 or 27 credits a term/year. For example, if the applicant is in 5th year and some of those credits extend to one's 3rd year, obviously they will use the term 2 grades as they are more recent. But how will they determine which of the term 2 courses to use in the GPA calculation, would they choose the ones with the highest grade? Or would they choose the one that had the final exam written the latest?