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  1. Time Stamp: 11:30 am Invite/reject: Invite IP/OOP: IP SWOMEN (Y/N): N 2YGPA: 3.98 MCAT (CHEM/CARS/BIO/PYSCH): 128/129/130/128 ABS: I struggled with this. The way the AABS is structured made it hard for me because a lot of my leadership roles were in the community, a lot of of my community contributions involved a diversity of people, and so on... However, I think because of this my AABS was very cohesive, it was clear what my passions and interests were. I really feel for everyone in this thread who met last years cutoffs but didn't receive an invite. It is a big change that I don't think anyone expected, as it is their first year looking at AABS. However, to offer a different perspective (and a perspective I and many of my friends shared), there is no reason to ask for 9 ESSAYS, each of which are longer than the UofT essays, if they had no intention of taking a close look at them. And so my friends and I stressed over them.
  2. bt30hnr4fd

    Interview Invites/Regrets 2019

    Invite! Time Stamp: 1:04 pm Location: IP Stream: English wGPA: 3.94 Current year: Graduated 2018, doing course-based masters ECs: Nothing too special, some volunteering and long-term research Casper: Good enough for Mac First time interviewing at Ottawa after 2 rounds, excited!
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    Chances for Next Year

    Hey Potentiate, thanks for your comment! If it makes a difference, my wGPA for UofT was 3.92 last year and 3.80 in third year. For Ottawa it was 3.87 and 3.80 previously. How much does Queen's care about MCAT?
  4. Hi premed101! Long time lurker here, figured I would post today since I would like some advice and comments about my applications. I just graduated from uwo, applied to most Ontario schools the last 2 years and got only McMaster both years (rejected first year, waitlisted and then rejected this year). Here are my stats: MCAT: 127/128/129/127 (511) cGPA: 3.88 Ottawa wGPA: 3.94 UofT wGPA: 3.95 Recent/best 2y: 3.98 ECs: nothing too special, some volunteering with Autism Ontario, shadowing/research at hospitals, lots of research experience but no pubs. Have a couple of posters (second author) this year at real conferences and a first author publication hopefully submitted by September. Did a lot of hackathon stuff as well (awards, organizing events). This summer I plan to finish up the publication, volunteer more, and possibly rewrite my MCAT. I've already registered for a September date and started studying. What do you think my chances are next year? And should I rewrite my MCAT? Thanks