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  1. Wow, that makes me very relieved to hear. Congratulations to you as well! I'm surprised you didn't get a CAP exam invite as your GPA was quite good.
  2. I received a phone call from Western offering me acceptance into their PT program today around 1 pm. I'm really confused though because the email they sent me states that I was on the lower third of the waitlist. Perhaps the phone call was meant for someone else?
  3. Does anyone know how the waitlist works for Western PT program? I was ready to give up this year because I got an email saying that I was on the lower third of the waitlist. But I got a call from Western around 1 PM today that I've given an offer to attend their program in the fall. I was super excited but now I think they may have called the wrong person and now I'm worried. Ironically, last year I was on the top third and I was expecting a call throughout the summer but it never came. So do I have the waitlist positions mixed up (the lower third is actually the best chance of getting accepted instead of the other way around) or maybe they made a mistake in the initial email and I was meant to be on the top third of the waitlist this year? The woman on the phone told me that an official offer on ORPAS would come in a day or two but I am still in disbelief.
  4. I think Western is definitely one of those programs that over accepts but giving out over 50 more acceptances than spots available seems ridiculous so you might be right.
  5. I don't think your GPA has any merit of where you are on the waitlist. AFAIK, they only use your GPA and CASPer test score to determine if you are a top 300 applicant (essentially all applicants that receive an acceptance and are put on the waitlist) but after that, they just look at your overall application (references, personal statement, experiences, awards).
  6. Man, that sucks. I did well on the CASPer, which was something that I was feeling very nervous for but it was all moot anyway, which honestly makes me feel even worse lol.
  7. Unfortunately, I was on the upper third last year for Western (PT) and I didn’t get in. And since I didn’t get in while being so high up on the wait list, I would assume that they do over accept. Despite improving my application every which way, I’m now in the lower third of the wait list lol. So it could be worse.
  8. Despite the fact that I worked the entire year since I was rejected and wait listed last year to improve every possible part of my application, I did even worse lol. I have never been so demoralized in my entire life.
  9. I just happen to start my vacation on May 17th lol. I'm seriously debating whether I should hold off at looking at my emails when on the trip or just get it over with anyway.
  10. I know, right? I am confident in every part of my application except that damned Casper test!
  11. They only take the average of a year if it is your oldest semester. For example, if I were to apply for PT school during my fourth year (last year of my undergrad program), they would take my fourth year fall semester grades (5 separate grades), my third year fall and winter semester grades (10 total separate grades) and they would average out my entire 2nd year course grades to get my last 5 grades that are to be used for my Sub-GPA calculation: 4th year (fall): 86, 87, 91, 79, 89 3rd year (winter): 82, 89, 95, 92, 83 3rd year (fall): 75, 93, 96, 83, 84 2nd year (winter) average: 86.7 2nd year (fall) average: 82.3 2nd year (total) average: 84.5 Therefore, since your average for your entire 2nd year was 84.5, that would show up on your s-GPA calculation as 5 course grades of 84.5 (which is five 3.7s if that makes it easier to visualize). If you have already graduated and you are currently taking a fifth year (even if it's just one semester), instead of averaging your entire 2nd year, you would simply average your entire 3rd year now. So when OPRAS mentions that they take the average from your entire year, they aren't referring to the calendar year but your school year (year 1, 2, etc...).
  12. Not sure exactly how they weight it, but I'm pretty sure Western had something on their admission page stating that they consider those with physio related experience the highest compared to non-physio related experience, which makes sense IMO. However, those places that you are volunteering at sound like they would incorporate some form of physiotherapy care. I think by non-physio experience they are referring more towards research experience, amongst other stuff (which is coincidentally, what I have).
  13. Well, I think what UofT means by you being a "less attractive applicant" is because only prereqs should be taken at 100-200 level and since prereqs should be taken before you are even eligible to apply for the first time, there is really no reason to take 100-200 level courses unless you just care about upgrading your GPA and for that reason, they might take your application less seriously. I will tell you that I did take some 100 and 200 courses in my last 20 courses and I got an invite to the write the CAP test so this really only applies if you are taking courses beyond your 4 years of undergrad. AFAIK, UofT is the only program that has this stipulation when it comes to upgrading your GPA. Kind of weird but I guess I understand their logic.
  14. Does anyone know if Western's waitlist (PT) is done moving and won't be moving anymore? I heard in the past that people in the upper third of the waitlist almost always got an offer but it doesn't seem like that is the case anymore.
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