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  1. Last year a friend called and they said it would be ok to send by Nov 1. Not sure if that's still the case, but best to call and make sure
  2. When you try to get clarification and come out more confused >
  3. Was wondering this too... Maybe they grade it on a P/F basis or just for red-flags?
  4. Nvm just called them and they said this was always a rule, and always on the OMSAS site, and they call verifiers randomly. I asked them your exact question and they said it was fine as long as that person can verify it.
  5. "You must provide a verifier for each activity listed on your detailed Autobiographical Sketch. The verifier cannot be a friend or family member. You must comply with the instructions provided or your application will be disqualified." I don't remember seeing this on their site last year, was this always a thing? A lot of my verifiers last year were friends (i.e. President of a club or volunteering with friends etc) :/
  6. I've tried calling 2 or 3 times and got the answering machine lmao
  7. Has anyone called and asked if the class is full? No one was in the office at 3 td :/
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