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  1. Best bet is to call them or email them and explain your situation and see what they say! Best of luck!
  2. 1) DATcrusher is recommended by many because most say its the closest representation of the cDAT. I personally didn't use it but instead used Bootcamp and DAT Destroyer. I would personally recommend DAT Destroyer because the practice question tho they are slightly more difficulty the type of questions you would see on the DAT is great practice to hone in your weakness and understand concepts better. Also, many other recommend looking thru Feralis bio notes as well Chad's video for the chem section. 2) Everyone is different. This is dependent on you. 3) Aim for the highest score possible but in reality the competitiveness of the DAT score depends on the schools you are applying to you. You can see what a competitive AA was for each school on their website. Just realize that the DAT score is only one part of your application so do not stress and study and try your best! 4) It is needed for some Canadian dental schools and again depending on which one you are applying too! 5) Yes it is! I would highly recommended practicing the PAT section on paper! Good Luck!
  3. Hey I know it's hard but don't let this discourage you too much and use it as motivation. Many people myself included did not get into dental school the first time and took a couple of tries. See what you can do to make yourself a more competitive applicant and try reapplying again next year!
  4. Congrats on graduating! You can def apply for the upcoming cycle with your first degree you just have to make sure you have taken the required pre-reqs that have posted on their admission site and have a competitive two-year GPA. Also, if dental school is your end goal I think you would be better off going for a Masters instead of doing another 4 year undergrad unless your grades were significantly lower than the average of those who matriculated into the program at Western.
  5. I personally have the 3.3x from ExamVision and found it to be great thus far! The things I liked about these particular loupes were the aesthetic look of them, the fact that I still had a bigger field of vision despite the magnification compared with other looks. Also, the loupes are measured to be ergonomic for body/face. Also, the reps were very quick to reply to any concerns or questions I had. Also, I decided to get the light with them as well and found the battery life to be good thus far. I also liked how the rep mentioned if I had any issues with the light to ship it back and they would ship over a "loaner light" in the meantime. The big con of these loupes is def the price as it quite high compared with others.
  6. Personally I only used the Kaplan book the first time around and only scored a 20AA and then I used DAT Bootcamp as well as DAT Destroyer and it helped raised my scores. As the other poster said I believe DAT Bootcamp was worth the money for me and had wished I had used it the first time around.
  7. Okay thanks for letting me know! I can go back to focusing on other things now lol.
  8. No clue! I emailed admissions asking for any updates such as if the seat has been filled or not but no response back
  9. Look into NYU, UofMinn, UPenn, USC, UofMich, Detroit Mercy, Temple, Case Western. Those are the ones I can think off the top of my head. I would still advise to make sure the school you are applying to has not changed their policies as some schools are beginning to accept only the American DAT. Best of luck!
  10. Oh wow that is a very rare situation! I wonder if that spot has been filled already on Friday or not? Regardless that person who accepts and gets off the waitlist will be very lucky:)
  11. Where did you hear that the waitlist moved 8 people in August for Schulich? My understanding was that it only moved 3 spots in July and that was it. By the way good luck! I hope all of us get off the HWL:)
  12. My best guess is there is still about 8 of us still on the HWL. This is based on my estimate of the HWL being <20 this year due it not clearing and that about 10 people have gotten off the HWL based on the forums. I may be completely wrong as well but this is my estimation.
  13. Was also hoping for this well but have not heard anything. Does anyone know of anyone on the HWL at Schulich that has been contacted over the last week?
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