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  1. Currently enrolled at the university of waterloo in the kinesiology program. Started off in first year with a bad 3.2 GPA, was bummed, but second year I finished with a 3.7 and now in third a 3.85 and still climbing. My ABS is primarily research i have 1200+ hours of hospital research (through full time employment) as well as 600 hours in an on campus neuroscience lab. Upon applying this summer I should have a manuscript in process and one publication as main author. I also have been powerlifting since I was 16, I volunteer in exercise classes on campus helping cancer patients and clinically obese teens learn about exercise and fitness (70 hours total). I also play intramural sports each semester. I have 500 hours working for a local school board doing IT work and lastly, miscellaneous orientation and open house volunteering I enjoy doing! (30 hours). MCAT wise, I am writing at the beginning of august hoping for a 515 minimum. Just curious about how this all looks in terms of strength of application? I am going to where ever would accept me, but ideally U of T, Mac or Queens would be top of my list! Thanks and id appreciate any feedback
  2. Makes sense! for me the goal is queens but, in the end I would be happy with anything to be honest.
  3. I have been worried lately about my application package! Currently I have a GPA of 3.7 and have not written the MCAT yet (planning on it this summer) but, I have 300+ total hours of volunteering in hospitals as well as various health related exercise programs run at the school for cancer patients as well as clinically obese teenagers. I have a lot of research jobs doing full time work within a neuroscience lab at the school as well (700+ hours) as well as a researcher at the Ottawa Hospitals Research Institute (700+ hours) I have a publication as lead author and 2 more coming being submitted soon (as co-author) on-top of publications I have numerous conference presentations as well and have been acknowledged in different papers for editing them. I have other stuff such as sports and random orientation volunteering too. My references are very strong (department heads, lead researchers and profs at medical schools). My main goal is queens medical school but, I am worried my GPA is not high enough and is holding me down! I was wondering what my overall chances are when applying to queens (aside form my unwritten MCAT)?
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