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  1. ah..... Western uses GPA for two best years? If that's the case, my first two years comes to 3.73 My top 3 year including 4th year is 3.57 Also, does UofT or Western drop any courses for GPA calculation? Thanks in advance.
  2. cGPA 3.48 Chem 30 Bio 19 AA 23 PAT 21 RC19 my GPA sucks because of Engineering at UofT (still graduated with honors and top 15% of class) Worked 3 years after UG in engineering as nuclear design engineer, lots of leadership/EC during undergrad. can get plenty of shadowing and dental lab experience. Browsing the forums really showed how low my GPA is compared to those who have accepted/offered/waitlisted/rejected. Feeling pretty down tbh
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