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  1. No, I haven’t received anything from them. I emailed them as well but no reply. Maybe try shooting them an email too so that they see there is a wider need for them to communicate with us ? Btw, congrats on the acceptance!
  2. I accepted my offer to Western but haven't heard anything from them since. Has anyone who accepted the offer received any more information from them?
  3. I believe they will be making the page in the next few weeks
  4. Mine does. We’ll get something later in the day
  5. Same here. Interesting to see nothing from Mac
  6. Do you know if that was on orpas?
  7. That’s a difficult choice between waiting till tomorrow and checking orpas and the websites obsessively tonight haha
  8. It sounds like some come out tonight at midnight and then the rest trickles in I believe? Can someone confirm?
  9. So some of them drop at midnight and some don’t?
  10. Oh no don't get me wrong , I haven't haha
  11. Safe to say it is an OT-exclusive peek into your academic future then lol
  12. Did you apply to OT or PT? I applied to PT and I am not seeing any emails regarding UofT ID
  13. How do you get access to the ACORN account? Do you have to be an undergrad alumni of UofT to have access?