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  1. Oh man... that sounds brutal! Congrats on getting 129 despite the server issue. Thank-you for optimistic reply. What makes me nervous is that I am assuming I did not get every question right on the other 7 passages... so if (worst case scenario) I got all 10 ish questions wrong on the passages I butchered, I might be looking at a lousy score. I am hopeful that I will pull of 128+ , but either way.. it was a learning experience and is all part of the journey!!
  2. You are probably right.. thanks again
  3. Thank-you for replying. Can’t believe scores are not released until a month after the exam! I am needing a 128+, otherwise I will have to rewrite. I am wondering if I should book a second exam now given how poorly I did on those two passages? I am quite certain that I did not get all the other questions right. What do you think?
  4. Hey guys, I wrote the MCAT recently and totally butchered 2 passages. The passages were super complex and I had to make educated guesses... I felt good about the rest. Did anyone have a similar experience but managed to pull off a strong score? THANK-YOU