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  1. Hey! I was accepted at UOttawa this year through the French stream. I believe that the best thing you can do to prepare for the casper test, regardless of language is 1) self-reflection and 2) practice. I recommend coming up with a list of meaningful experiences, and thinking about all the challenges and lessons you learned through each of those experiences (write it all in french, obviously). This will make it easier for you to retrieve relevant personal examples to incorporate in your answers during the test. The best resource for practicing is probably the full length official casper sample test. This past year, they made this available (and free) on their website, and they offer it in French! Definitely take advantage of this. It sucks that most resources for casper and interviews are in English. So I ended up using english practice questions, then answering them in french lol. I was also preparing to write the english casper test, so I alternated answering in french and english. Another great way to practice (indirectly) is to do something called inkshedding! Search it up. You basically take any writing prompt, set a timer, and just start typing away your train of thought. It’s a great way to practice converting thought into text more efficiently. Also this is an interesting read: https://www.mededpublish.org/manuscripts/2091 Best of luck!
  2. I got into UofA and was waitlisted at UofC with a 126 in CARS. I wouldn't be too worried about the 513 either since apparently that's the average MCAT score for last cycle's matriculants. (source: https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/programs/md/applying-to-medicine/before-you-apply/admission-statistics). It's always nice to have a higher MCAT since it can only improve your chances of getting in, but your MCAT is already in a decently competitive range anyways. I don't think the cost (in terms of time, money and energy) is worth the marginal benefit that a higher MCAT would give to your application. Your time is valuable. My advice for you this summer is to, rather than spending time aiming for a 520, emphasize writing up an amazing application. Focus on how you frame your activity entries, go through multiple drafts, and ask for feedback from others.
  3. For anyone accepted into MAM (according to the offer email), do you have "TDR" indicated under "program" when you click the offer tab on OMSAS? There seems to be some speculation on this forum that "TDR" means "Toronto Downtown Region" so I'm not sure whether there is a glitch for me or just everyone has "TDR" on OMSAS.
  4. Result: Invite Timestamp: 9:21 am EST wGPA/cGPA: 4.00/3.99 MCAT: 516 ECs: feel free to PM me Essays: Spent a couple weeks on them. Was pretty happy with the final submissions Interview: I felt really limited with time in the virtual format. In-person or Virtual: Virtual Year: 4th year UG Geography: OOP Congrats to everyone!!
  5. For me, UofT & Ottawa are blank. Also, I don't have the reset button.
  6. I understand that trying to virtually rotate interviewers & interviewees through 4 MPI stations would be a logistical nightmare, but I'm really disappointed that there will be absolutely no interaction between us and the interviewers. It takes out the "personal" in "MPI" ... now it's just a "modified interview" :/
  7. I wrote "awarded once" or "awarded annually" if it was a one-time or yearly thing. If it's something like a research stipend, you can put the duration of the research project (i.e. "4 months" if it was over a summer). I'm curious to see whether anyone approached this differently.
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