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  1. I understand that trying to virtually rotate interviewers & interviewees through 4 MPI stations would be a logistical nightmare, but I'm really disappointed that there will be absolutely no interaction between us and the interviewers. It takes out the "personal" in "MPI" ... now it's just a "modified interview" :/
  2. Result: invite!GPA: 4.0MCAT: 516Current Degree: 4th yearGeography (IP/OOP): IPExtracurricular Activities: balanced: some sports, extensive work with children, music, research. Took care in my word choiceCASPer: did some preparation going into it (i.e. reflected on examples of different types of experiences that might come in handy during the test) Congrats to everyone who got an interview!
  3. TIME STAMP: Jan 30 Interview Date (MD or MD/PhD): March 1st, 2020 (MD) Result: Invite wGPA: 4.00 MCAT: above cutoffs ECs: stuff with kids, research, etc. PM me for details. Essays: spent several weeks on these Year: 4th year UG Geography: OOP Congrats to everyone who got an invite and who has yet to receive an invite
  4. TIME STAMP: 2:57PMInterview Date: TBDResult: Invite!!GPA: 4.00MCAT: 126 CARS (there's hope!)ECs: I spent considerable time reflecting on and re-writing my top 10. I took some creative liberties (risks?) with one of them, and it appears to have worked in my favour. Year: 4th year UGGeography : IP I feel deeply honoured to be receiving an interview. Congratulations to everyone who got an invite!!!
  5. Invite/Rejection: Invite Time Stamp: 2:58 PM EST Location: OOP Stream: French (CNFS) wGPA: 4.00 Current year: 4th year ECs: vanilla tbh Casper: Typing speed is 90-100 WPM, but I felt AWFUL about the test. I had some technical difficulties at the start, which really threw me off
  6. I wrote "awarded once" or "awarded annually" if it was a one-time or yearly thing. If it's something like a research stipend, you can put the duration of the research project (i.e. "4 months" if it was over a summer). I'm curious to see whether anyone approached this differently.
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