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  1. Hey guys, Would OMSAS round a 3.826 cGPA up to 3.83? Would they round a.3.987 one year GPA up to 3.99? Thanks!
  2. You are applying to medical schools in Canada with a fairly strong undergraduate GPA. In your opinion, which is better? Having a 2 yr masters of science with crappy grades (low 70s) ... or no masters at all?
  3. Thanks, i've been studying my incorrect answers for awhile. I thought I made some improvement because I was only getting 1 question wrong per passage (sometimes not even 1) for a few weeks. I've had an off 3 days for sure. I might postpone my exam so I can practice more.
  4. I definitely have "some level of abstract thinking," but by no means do I feel solid about every CARS question I answer. 85% at best. I am wondering if getting 128+ on the CARS section means feeling confident about virtually every answered question, or if students who scored 128+ still made a handful of educated guesses.
  5. Hi everyone. I am writing the MCAT in a few weeks. I am doing ok on CARS overall... I sometimes have to make educated guesses though. I end up getting 1 or 2 questions wrong per passage. Sometimes I am on a streak and then its like a hit a block and have no clue what the answer is to the question. If you got 128+ on the CARS section of the exam, could you please answer these questions for me: When you were writing the exam, did you feel pretty confident answering EVERY question? Did you ever have to make reasonable guesses? If so, roughly how many? I am starting to wonder if making educated guesses aren't normal with CARS and if I am just unprepared or something?? Thank u!!