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  1. Thriftysherbert

    Undergrad course load question

    That's a great idea, I didn't know I could just ask them directly. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Thriftysherbert

    Undergrad course load question

    Awesome. I have checked out that page before and was just really looking for verification that's actually how it works/to hear from someone who had a similar situation and got accepted. Yeah. I have an offer from my current job for a full-time position which pays much better and then I could save so I could work minimal hours (maybe one 8 hour shift) a week during my full course load years. Also, my SO will be finished school by then and so could probably pick up some of my slack if need be during the semesters. I'm still unsure if it's a good idea and going to try to find an alternative, though. I would hate to go through with it only to be wrong and not qualify.
  3. Thriftysherbert

    Undergrad course load question

    Congrats! unfortunately, that's not an option for me. Yeah. I was denied a LOC and the only possible cosigner I had got denied also. Loans barely covered tuition for me this year, had to pay for rent+transport myself. I live a frugal lifestyle as well but there's only so much you can do when your income barely covers your bare minimum expenses. I live a 25 minute drive from campus and it is more expensive for me to move to walking distance from school than it is to have a car+pay what I pay for rent, even with multiple roommates (currently have roommates, also). I basically lived this past year relying on my credit card and working 24 hours a week which was too much with a full course load. If it completely disqualifies me to do what I asked, then I will have to find another way, but I'm seeing no good alternative right now. Hence why I asked, to see if it was even an option. I just saw someone elsewhere mention that Dal will allow you to use the wGpa formula (and still consider your application) if your 2 last years are full course load.
  4. I'm currently finishing my first year of undergrad. Due to financial issues, I don't know if I'm going to be able to survive without working full-time next year. I foresee bad grades if I take a full course load and work 40 hours a week. Does anyone know if it'd cause me to be ineligible to apply in the future if I took 3 courses/semester for the next two years and then a full course load (5 courses) per semester for my two final years? for clarity, year 1: 15 Credit hours per semester (30 total) year 2: 9 credit hours per semester (18 total) year 3: 9 credit hours per semester (18 total) year 4: 15 Credit hours per semester (30 total) year 5: 15 Credit hours per semester (30 total) this means I'd graduate with extra credits but I'd be a "full time" student the whole time. Would I still be able to use the WGPA formula, or is that only if it's completed in 4 years? Just wondering if anyone had a similar situation and got accepted. thanks in advance
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    Thinking of getting highlights in my hair...

    When in doubt, best to play it safe. Highlight once you're in