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  1. Hi everyone, I'm an Ontario Undergraduate student in 3d year of a Bachelors degree. This previous summer, I was studying for the MCAT, and took the exam in August. I did not score very well, after self-evaluation, I attribute my low score to mainly my lack of preparation and effort. I would study around 3 or maybe 4 hours a day, sometimes even less, when many of my friends were studying 8+ hours 5 days/week. I also had some compassionate things going on and I lost a close loved one that summer to Cancer and so I was feeling really bad for 1 or 2 months. I didn't start practice exams till 3 and a half weeks before my test date. I was only doing one extracurricular weekly with my MCAT (started that in May) and started another good one in August (which is ongoing into the school year). I am by no means a weak student, I get fairly high marks in my University classes, but due to certain factors I just could not give the MCAT my all when I wrote it this year. Basically, that summer went by and I got a poor score, with not much else I did extracurricular wise. For the upcoming summer, I am thinking of a few options: 1.) Retake the MCAT again (while doing little things on the side EC wise), basically what I did last summer but this time more focused and more effort towards MCAT 2.) Do a NSERC Position (save some money) and get valuable research experience, no MCAT this year (do it summer after graduating) 3.) Do the NSERC and also do the MCAT retake (study seriously for ~4-5 hours daily after the job), maybe will have to study a bit less since I have background from taking the exam once already I want advice on which of these 3 options would be suitable if you were in my shoes or if you have faced a similar situation yourself. Thanks a lot
  2. Hello everyone, I am asking for some advice about my MCAT preparation. I just finished second year at an Ontario University. My MCAT is scheduled for late August 2019. May is almost up and at this point in time I am feeling ok about sciences but I'm just not great at CARS. I completed the AAMC QPack Volume 1 and did poorly, I am also using Khan Academy for practice. Being a Canadian student, I have realized just how important the CARS section is for us. I just feel like my skills in this section are not super great right now. I was contemplating two options: 1) Take the exam next summer (2020), take this summer and to chill and read a lot to improve general reading/comprehension and keep practicing CARS on the side until this time next year. 2) Do my best and give it a shot this year (worst case scenario = rewrite) If anyone has been in the same boat/struggled with CARS and managed to improve, what would you do in such a situation? Not getting the score I want this year will entail going through the whole three-month grind all over again, which I am scared of. That is why I am not sure what I should do. Need some perspective/motivation. Also, for additional third-party practice I was debating on buying Exam Crackers 101 and or Next Step 108, what would those who have used these materials suggest? one or the other or both? Thanks a lot!
  3. Hi, I am totally new to this platform, I am going into 2nd year Med Sci at UWO, I think I am happy with my schedule but would sincerely appreciate others opinons and suggestions. As well as tips on how to do well in Stats 2244 and Orgo 2213 (Biochem 2280 is done this summer) Thank You
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