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  1. If you look underneath the schedule (where they list out your enrolled courses and times), it says the dates for seminars and they are on opposing weeks! It probably just works out that way. I wouldn’t worry about it
  2. I was wondering the same thing. I got an email earlier today saying I could now register for classes, but not sure if it’s a glitch. I know a few people here said they had a glitch like this a couple weeks ago but I’m not sure if this one is a glitch too! Please update if anyone knows! Thanks guys
  3. Hey guys! I got my acceptance letter early today. I’m a second year student, my LOI was strong and my interview went well. These are the stats: cgpa: 3.55 pgpa: 3.43 strongest year: 3.8 (last year) Super excited to meet everyone! Congrats guys
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