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  1. Is the rule that prerequisite requirements can't be done in the summer (and in the summer before enrolment) very strict? Can any exception for a particular scenario be made?
  2. Has anyone gotten into mcmasters with 125 CARS?
  3. Hi! On Omsas, it says that your entries will be sorted chronologically within each category, but as I am entering in my stuff, its not being chronologically sorted. Will this happen only after Ive submitted it the application or do I have to now go back and manually do it myself? Thanks for your help!
  4. plsletmebeadoctor

    wGPA rounding?

    Does Ottawa round the wGPA to 2 decimal places (ex: a 3.926 is rounded to a 3.93) or 3 decimal places (ex: a 3.9266 becomes a 3.927)?
  5. plsletmebeadoctor

    Course URL on OMSAS?

    Thank you so much for your help! I get it now!
  6. plsletmebeadoctor

    Course URL on OMSAS?

    When adding in prerequisite courses on OMSAS, it says to add the course URL. What exactly is that? Sorry, I'm just confused and this is my first time applying.
  7. plsletmebeadoctor

    Adding in grades for prerequisite courses on OMSAS?

    Just for future reference, I emailed admissions and they said that for any courses for which you don't have the grades yet, you have to put in "IPR" in the grades section. Hope this helps!
  8. plsletmebeadoctor

    Adding in grades for prerequisite courses on OMSAS?

    But the website also says this: Candidates are allowed to complete missing prerequisite courses during the academic year preceding admission but, as with all courses, not during the summer before their registration in the MD program of studies. This means that if you're applying to start med school in 2019, you can take the prerequisite courses during the 2018-2019 school year. But you won't have the grades yet for those courses. I think I will also contact them as well.
  9. Hi! I am taking some prerequisite courses during the year when my application will be sent (i.e during the 2018-2019 school year) and so I don't have any grades yet to enter in for those courses. So what do I put for the grade section for those courses in OMSAS? It won't let you submit it if that section is not filled and it also will not accept it if I put in "N/A".