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  1. I am planning to write the American DAT at the end of summer to apply to some Canadian Dental school upcoming school year. The major reason why I am writing the American DAT is due to the fact that some schools don't seem to accept the result for the November Canadian DAT for that year's application cycle. I am not sure if writing an American DAT is a common practice but I couldn't find the answer to two questions I had. 1. If I write my american DAT at the end of August, can I write the Canadian DAT on November? DAT guide from ADA states that one can only write the DAT every 90 days. I wasn't sure if this rule applied to both Canadian DAT and American DAT. Who should I contact to get more detail on this matter? 2. American DAT has Ochem and QR in addition to the topics offered in Canadian DAT. Do Canadian schools look at these section or completely ignore them? Again according to the DAT guide from ADA, I have to complete all the section of the test and can't skip anything. Would schools care if I dont do well on these two sections? I would rather focus on sections that are also in the Canadian DAT.
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