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  1. Hi! I'm really sorry if this has been asked before but is there a difference in the way one should prep for an MMI vs. panel interview? So far, I've only been practicing for an MMI-style interview. I'm looking for tips on how to prepare for a panel interview. For example, with MMI, you know you have 8 min to talk. However, with a panel interview, how do you know when to stop talking? Or things like, should I be practicing acting scenarios as well for a panel interview or are those just limited to MMI? Thank you!
  2. premed_67

    Application acknowledgment email?

    It's my first time applying too but I haven't received anything as well! I certainly hope this is normal haha
  3. premed_67

    Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!

    thank you, this makes me feel better! it's so hard to not think about it and wait till March haha
  4. premed_67

    Congrats on finishing MMI Weekend!

    I'm not sure if anyone knows/can give me an answer to this but, for a few of my stations, the interviewers asked me a follow-up question when there was less than 30 sec left. I didn't have the chance to answer the question, would I be penalized for that? :/
  5. thank you both so much!! you just lifted 100 bricks off my shoulders haha
  6. Hey everyone! I really hate myself for being this paranoid about this but I really want to ask to clarify so I uploaded the ID photo before the deadline and I saw the confirmation screen. Later that day, I accidentally clicked on the link again to submit the photo and it was giving me the option to submit the photo. As silly as this might sound, does this mean I had to resubmit a photo just cause I accessed the link again?
  7. premed_67

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    you're the real MVP
  8. I submitted my application and received an OMSAS ID and it kept saying that it was processing and that it may take 2 weeks.But not it's saying: " Review and Submit We cannot process your application at this time. Please try again later." Is anyone else getting this but still has an OMSAS ID?
  9. All I know is that a 503-506 is a 6/10
  10. No, it's 100% normal that you can't see it anymore. At this point, any updates to your application status (e.g. didn't meet the cutoffs or interview invites) will be communicated via email. I freaked out about this too haha
  11. premed_67

    french casper prep

    Moi! Est-ce que vous comptez traduire les scenarios qui existent déjà en anglais et les utiliser comme pratique?
  12. Thank you both so much!
  13. premed_67

    Need Help With Activities!!!

    I know a number of people, myself included, that list the same club as two activities because they had different positions each time. It's my first time applying but I think you should be fine!
  14. Hey everyone! Does anyone happen to know how the GPA translates to a score out of 15? For example, 4.0 would be 15/15. How many points do you get for something below a 4.0? Thanks in advance!
  15. premed_67

    Meeting CASPER cutoff

    I spoke to the admissions office yesterday and she said that they will be sending out an email in a week or so regarding the CASPer cutoffs. They will only send out an email to those who did not meet the cutoffs.