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  1. reading this thread calmed me down holy i thought i was the only one that thought they completely blew it
  2. i feel you sis! hopefully we did so bad on that station they gave us pity marks looooool
  3. i couldnt come up with any decent argument for the opinion i expressed :/. also i couldnt answer the follow up LMAO
  4. Yeah there seems to be a huge variance in terms of people’s experience with the panel. Either they’re hostile or nice af is what I heard. Me personally I botched one MMI station so hard it’s all I think about. God I replay what I said and all I think is what the actual shit was going through my head for me to have said that LMAO. At least I had fun....kinda-ish Overall Queens was really gorgeous. The med building is beautiful. Loved how many cafes there were downtown, even if some of them are on the expensive side haha.
  5. Something that really helped me was talking to the other candidates! Because I realized everyone was shitting their pants i sorta calmed down. In my experience my nerves left me after the first mmi station just because my adrenaline was so high. hope everything goes well!
  6. even with dashes i went: YYYY-MM-DD Hopefully we'll bump into each other then!
  7. dang eh. if you guys were wondering, theres still a couple of spots for the last weekend. worst case scenario you join me for the first weekend!
  8. jk i think the server is just rly rly rly rly slow
  9. Does anyone know if they send out an email or am I ganna be refreshing Minerva the whole week??
  10. Uhhh woah there. The minimums in each section for swomen is 125/125/125, but they need to meet the applicant pool cutoff of 383 combined score (works out to be 128 across the board). That 95% was a fluke, you can tell by looking at the other years at ~70% acceptance rate.
  11. Unless I’m blind, there’s not even a formal education category! If we look at the omsas guide it’s not even there :o. Back to the drawing board lads!
  12. When you go to your application go straight to the place you fill out your sketch. It’s in the header! Also, even though it kinda benefits me, I wholeheartedly agree that this is a disadvantage towards those with amazing life experiences. Hope this won’t make or break them :/
  13. Hey all, On the OMSAS app under sketch it says "Provide biographical information about yourself and outline your activities since age 16 (maximum 32 entries)". This is my first time applying but wasn't it 48 or something last year?
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