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    Ontario Med School Seats

    Uhhh woah there. The minimums in each section for swomen is 125/125/125, but they need to meet the applicant pool cutoff of 383 combined score (works out to be 128 across the board). That 95% was a fluke, you can tell by looking at the other years at ~70% acceptance rate.
  2. Unless I’m blind, there’s not even a formal education category! If we look at the omsas guide it’s not even there :o. Back to the drawing board lads!
  3. When you go to your application go straight to the place you fill out your sketch. It’s in the header! Also, even though it kinda benefits me, I wholeheartedly agree that this is a disadvantage towards those with amazing life experiences. Hope this won’t make or break them :/
  4. Hey all, On the OMSAS app under sketch it says "Provide biographical information about yourself and outline your activities since age 16 (maximum 32 entries)". This is my first time applying but wasn't it 48 or something last year?