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  1. I have questions on the interview format for three derm programs (UofT, McGill and UBC) Please consider contacting me and sharing some info.
  2. Hello! Is IELTS required for Ontario universities if I am from a Quebec French university?
  3. Do Quebec programs from UdeM, ULAVAL and UdeS accept English letters of reference? Do I have to translate them? I obtain contradictory information from different sources. I want to know : will they not consider my application and therefore not grant me an interview if an LOR is in English?
  4. Quebec. I have heard you can just upload the Personal Test Report form you scan. Are you saying I have to ask IELTS to send it? Where did you hear this from?
  5. TOEFL is no longer accepted. For the IELTS, they send us a Personal Test Report Form. They also offer an Official Test Report Form (you ask them to directly send the report to institutions). IELTS websites say institutions only recognize the Official Test Report Form. So, does that mean I cannot just scan my personal test report form and upload it on the CaRMS website? I heard previous years do that. Can someone who had to pass the IELTS, uploaded it the personal form or not, and actually got in at a university that required it help me with this?
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