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  1. Hi! Brief background: First-year honors psych at Mac, dropped 2 courses first sem (for legit reasons, not just finding them too hard), and am doing a full course load from here on out! Question: I really wanted to do the two intro chem courses over the summer with Athabasca (accredited school), so I don't have to waste my summer on 2 random electives. I know American medical schools do not like this, but what about Canada? I'm having a hard time finding information on this. One more Q: I got a C in a course the first semester, I have no problem redoing this and know I can get a high mark. My university would add both attempts to my transcript, but only include the best attempt in my cum. GPA. Thanks so much to anyone who takes the time to read/give suggestions!
  2. Did anyone on here major in psychology and go to medical school? Was wondering if people took biology, chem etc as their electives? And if they actually managed to get high grades in all those hard classes. I'm considering just learning the sciences specifically for the MCAT so I don't hurt my GPA too much. I thought psychology would be easier but I'm finding it harder than bio lol. Thanks
  3. I think you should consider finding a cheaper place to live. It's totally manageable to work half your hours and not be homeless, I'm doing it. I would get a roommate, and really budget.
  4. Why do you work 8 hours everyday? I've been working the minimum I need to pay all my bills, about 20-25 hours/week and that's already hard for me.
  5. faithrl

    Advice on how to study?

    It helps to know lot's of people experience this! Math is definitely a big problem for me, but drilling practice problems seem like a great method. I messaged you
  6. faithrl

    Advice on how to study?

    I just work around 25 hours. It's honestly not the biggest problem, I'm also learning to fight procrastination and laziness, but I've improved a lot since starting undergrad I'll definitely try to adjust my schedule, and get enough sleep!
  7. faithrl

    Losing My Mind!

    I do understand where you're coming from. It is important that I do have the passion for medicine, and its good that you're bringing it up. I do have my own stories/experiences that have developed my passion and interest in medicine. I don't really look at medicine as the holy grail, but for me, it is haha. I know that I would be an amazing physician, I just had doubts after really looking at admission statistics. People would tell me in high school, "you know there's only a 5% chance of you getting into medical school", and I always ignored them, until last week! I don't mind the dude's harshness, this field is very harsh and competitive and there might be something in there that can help me. Thanks, everyone else for the comments and advice, I'm really taking everything said into consideration
  8. I have been posting my questions on the forum. I wanted to talk more personally with someone.
  9. faithrl

    Losing My Mind!

    So many people don't realize their passion for medicine until after high school. Crazy amounts of people major in something completely non-related. Everybody needs some motivation every now and then. Of course, this post isn't going to get me into medical school, but it allowed me to get into contact with somebody who completely changed their life from business and is now in medical school.
  10. Hey! I'm a first-year psychology major at McMaster. It would be so helpful for me during my journey to have someone in medicine to talk to about the medical school path. I currently do not know anybody in medical school, so If anyone would be willing to chat with me it would be extremely appreciated! Anyone from any medical school/residency would be great! Thanks again.
  11. I've only really developed a passion for school and learning over the last year or so. I'm a first year psychology major at McMaster. I'm still learning how to manage it all and get better along the way. I was wondering specifically what study routines work for you guys for different classes. Specifically math, biology, and classes such as psychology. From the first day of class, how often do you review material, how often a day/week, and which methods have you found works best. I find when I try to stick to a specific routine so far, I end up getting burnt out, putting stuff to the last minute, and occasionally giving up and saying "okay, whatever I studied enough for this test" \ Thanks so much for any replies and taking the time to help
  12. faithrl

    Losing My Mind!

    I'm only in first year undergrad. I'm sure this is normal but I'm having serious doubts about my ability to get into a medical school. It's just now hitting me how difficult it actually is to get in. I'm only a social science major, I can't even do grade 12 calculus. Never took grade 12 chemistry. I had a plan to make this up over the summer. I guess I'm just lost! Medicine and science was always my passion but I feel like the competition is so much better than me, and already so much further ahead. Do you think it's possible for me to catch up in math, maintain a high GPA in psychology, and still get into medical school? I'm hard working and motivated but I'm having serious doubts in myself. Any advice?
  13. faithrl

    Advice to first year undergrad?

    Nevermind guys, this is what im doing.
  14. faithrl

    Advice to first year undergrad?

    Well damn. At least you probably learned a lot from all that, and thanks for sharing