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  1. WunderBar

    How does MUN evaluate ECs?

    Thanks very much for the reply! I guess I'll just have to wait for the CaRMS to open up then. Not too long.
  2. Hi Everyone, It's not exactly clean how (or when) MUN evaluates the extracurriculars of applicants. For the Ontario Universities, it's directly in the application portal of OMSAS, via the autobiographical sketch. Does MUN have a similar system through the CaRMS portal? Or are they evaluated at the interview stage (and then interview are based solely on GPA/MCAT)? Cheers!
  3. WunderBar

    OMSAS reference letters stopped?!

    I just called the OUAC to try to confirm this, and the gent who answered said that I would have to "contact the schools individually" to determine whether they will require written letters. He didn't seem to want to elaborate on it much. Strange.