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  1. A friend of mine got off the IP waitlist yesterday, so it’s beginning to move!
  2. No idea how many people have been waitlisted, but my friends who are currently M1s have said that it went well into the second tier last year. I assume they will start sending waitlist offers on Wednesday when the deadline to accept expires.
  3. Accepted IP 4.20 520 non rural Congrats to everyone who heard good news! Excited to meet my classmates!
  4. I’m gonna limit phone time today, but I suspect the offers will be sent first thing in the morning, usually they are. So I’ll try to sleep in and wake up to the news rather than wake up early and stress!
  5. If Manitoba contacts your references outside of the reference survey they take, it more likely means you got red flagged during ur interview than your in consideration for an offer. They do not contact references if you do not get red flagged.
  6. They have zero weight as stated in the application information bulletin. They are simply to make sure you’re a good person who knows three people who can say good things about you.
  7. Regrets 8:02AM wGPA: 4.0 MCAT: 520 (130 across the board) ECs: varied, lots of sports, 2 research pubs, 2 conference abstracts, 5 different jobs throughout uni. I think it was my volunteer hours (~150) that killed me. OOP
  8. Reject GPA: 3.77 MCAT: 518 (wrote a 520 on second attempt but since I got my score back in October I don’t think they used it). ECs: probably average CASPer: felt okay, good enough for U of M IP OOP
  9. Thanks for the reply, very motivating and after talking to some of my lab mates I have decided to try and stick it out.
  10. That is my fear. However, I am unhappy and starting to feel depressed in this program, and a research degree such as a MSc or PhD is not necessary for me to successfully reach my career goals. So I am really torn, either stay unhappy in the program and wait it out for med, or drop out, and potentially risk my future in medicine. Should make this into a CASPer question haha...
  11. My supervisor is generally a nice individual and I think would be understanding, I informed my supervisor of my career aspirations and about my goal of becoming a physician prior to starting the program. However, I would feel bad leaving and potentially ruining this project for them.
  12. Hello all, In September I started a thesis based MSc project, and thought I would enjoy the program as I enjoyed my undergraduate research project. I also thought having a research intensive degree would compliment my future career in medicine. However, it’s now mid January and I still feel like I’m in a groove, I don’t enjoy my research topic, I don’t enjoy the program, I don’t feel like I’m accomplishing anything, and overall I’m lacking motivation to continue. After some reflection I don’t think this is the direction I want to take my life. I already have an interview invite for a medical school in western Canada and am waiting to here back from two more schools. I am not sure if I should continue with this program or take the semester off and focus on interview prep. So I have a few questions, would dropping out of a MSc program shine a negative light on my med school application? Will it effect my chances post interview? Am I stuck in this program? Thanks in advance
  13. Ah well I stand corrected! Congratulations on the interview!
  14. Rejected OOP Time stamp: 1:41PM GPA: 3.61 CARS: 130 CASPer: felt decent, good enough for an IP interview at Manitoba. However, I knew I needed to do exceptional on this test to be considered OOP here and I guess it didn’t happen. Good luck to all those who were invited!
  15. Invited to interview! IP GPA: 4.20 MCAT: 520 CASPer: felt decent, good enough it seems! Got the email about 20 minutes ago. Excited to begin MMI prep.
  16. I interpret this as if you’re verifiers were deeemed inappropriate they would have contacted for an alternative verifier
  17. I sure hope not because one of my verifiers didn’t respond by today either. A deadline of 2 weeks for verifications that are out of your control (and you can’t even check if you’re activity has been verified), is a bit absurd in my opinion.
  18. Just got confirmation from McMaster, However, I have not heard from Queens yet
  19. I don’t think any of my verifiers nor references have been contacted yet. Weird because I assumed they all went out at the same time. (OOP applicant, idk if this makes a difference)
  20. I believe they state that your score will be an average of all 12 scenarios, so I doubt they removed a scenario. I think I had 2-3 iffy scenarios yesterday, with one that was real bad. However, I’m sure 90% of people had one bad scenario, so I wouldn’t stress too much.
  21. Okay gonna have to crack down for the 23rd then. Do you have any recommendations for CASPer prep? I’ve just been doing practice Qs and read the uwash ethics page
  22. OOP gpa = 3.71 CARS: 130 What kind of CASPer score do I need to have a shot at an ii?
  23. Hello all, I sent in my transcripts from my Undergraduare univsersity 3 weeks ago and beartracks still hasn’t updated saying they recieved my transcripts. However, OMSAS indicated over a week ago they’ve recieved them (I sent at the same time). I am just wondering if it is normal for beartracks to be delayed or if I should start feeling a little concerned.
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