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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone who goes to Mac/has interviewed there before knows if McMaster offers admission bursaries? I know a couple other schools offer these and have people apply before acceptances come out (ex. U of T offers 20 worth $50,000 over the 4 years). Thanks!
  2. Try to get a copy from a library before interviews - I'd say it's not worth the $ if you've already taken a bioethics class
  3. Feeling like my stats are a bit on the low side but think I have strong ECs? Would really love and appreciate some feedback <3 ON Undergrad, going into 4th year MCAT: 126/128/127/131 U of T gpa: 3.937 Ottawa gpa: 3.878 Queens cgpa: 3.872 Mac gpa: 3.872 McGill cGPA: 3.872, scienceGPA: 3.814 ECs: volunteer first responder for 2 years and trainer for the team, 1.5 years of research in a neuro lab with 3 posters (2/3 at an international conference), oral presentation at a conference, and submitting a first author paper in september hopefully. One poster award. Working various jobs part time during school and full time in summer , misc. sports, non-clinical volunteering from highschool (tutoring recent immigrants etc.) I should also mention I'm submitting letters of extenuating circumstances for mcgill and u of t. If I don't get in I'm thinking of doing a year of college in a non-science program - any thoughts on how this will be viewed by admissions committees? Thanks in advance
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