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  1. Can I ask how your MCAT and maritime connection was?
  2. OOP here haven't heard anything yet, is anyone on the same boat ?
  3. Nothing from my end god this wait is killling mee
  4. I called admissions just now and nothing has been sent out yet!
  5. I haven’t received anything, do you only get notified if you didn’t make the cutoffs? Or do you also get notified if you made it?
  6. I personally just left it like that , cause that form is weird, your paragraphs be shifting depending on how far you drag the box so I felt like as long as your writing is there. And there's clear separation between the paragraphs, then we good
  7. Hey there! I just submitted. For CASPER - i checked my account and it says 'results pending' distribution to 'dalhousie' or smth. Does that mean it is good to go? Because other than selecting for them to distribute to Dalhousie when I was signing up for the test, I haven't done anything to 'release' casper scores like i do for the mcat?
  8. Hmm. I read it as it has to be within the past 5 years. I'm totally not sure if this is correct Cause I had good activities to put down from 2011 too but I started from 2014.
  9. I originally wrote on my application that I am writing on Aug 10 but I cancelled the test date, and released my old mcat scores 2 weeks ago , they also haven't showed up. I didn't want to bug them and thought they would just retrieve them when they do, should I probably email them on monday as well?
  10. Hi, I'm applying as an OOP as well so I completely understand where you're coming from, I think why it's difficult to find any answers on here about this essay is because people really don't know what a good or compelling connection is, myself included. For my essay, I sat down for a looong time, really thinking hard about why I want to apply to Dal, and I would encourage you to do the same! If you have absolutely no physical or personal connections, look at their mission, their curriculum, what distinguishes dal from other medical schools, think about what compels you to want to practice in the maritimes, have you worked with underserved populations before or do you at least know about the concerns in the area? And this is my personal opinion, but even if you do have familial or personal connections; it really has to be relevant. For example, I don't think an applicant who has an uncle living in NS but never talk to him or visits will have anymore advantage over an applicant who has never visited and has no family connections, it really depends how you talk about your connections. Lastly, I think it would be important to be honest, and genuine about your motivations; the admissions committee has read so many of these essays they can probably call BS within reading the first three sentences. Although the odds are stacked against us, I hope this helps at least a little, I believe in us!!!
  11. I would put "Undergrad Year 2 to present (non-student)" I also don't think you have to overthink it, as long as it clearly conveys the right info?
  12. It's probably because in the past people have put important or very relevant experiences in their extracurriculars/with a lot of hours, but the school has no way of verifying that activity. I also have a personal interest that I do on my own time ~ in my case I do have customers/clients for it, so I asked them to verify for me! If there's anyone you know that knows about your activity/hobby, that's not too close of a friend or close family, I think that would be your best bet!
  13. Hey guys, Do people usually write close to 1500 words (3 pages) for the essay? My essay is around 1.5 pages at the moment, has anyone written an essay around this length or do you recommend we use up the word count? Also, is it important that we fill up all 7 entries on each section of the supplemental form? For extracurriculars and volunteer, I could only fill 4 and 5 respectively - had more long term commitments than variety. Will points be docked off cause of this? Thank you!
  14. Thank you so so much for this info @NotADoctor !! It's much appreciated , hope you're enjoying your time at dal!
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