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  1. I'm sorry to hear that happened last year Wishing you all the best this application cycle!!
  2. Hey tennie and acceptmeplease, Thank you for your replies! I did get an email today and saw the calculated GPA up on omsas.
  3. Hey everyone, I can't find a definite answer on this anywhere online. When I was submitting my application to. OMSAS, I sent my transcript from my undergrad that I finished last year and it was received. I have since started another program at another university. Since this is my first semester, I don't have any transcripts or any grades from this new university. I didn't think twice about sending any documentation. Under document tracking it says 0 documents received from this university, (1 transcript received from my undergrad uni) which makes sense, but now I'm worried because my OMSAS gpa hasn't been posted and it seems a lot of gpas have been posted. Has anyone been in a similar situation? Thank you
  4. Were all the averages supposed to have been posted by now under document tracking?
  5. I got my rankings a couple weeks ago. OOP pre-interview rejection Academic: ~125th (3.98-3.99 on McGill scale) CASPer: ~200th CV: ~100th Overall: Around 105th (out of 782) -> cutoff was 55 I guess I was expecting my CV to be ranked a lot lower, and my academics to be ranked higher than that, but a lot of people apply with 4.0s and Master's/PhDs, so I suppose that makes sense. Casper I had zero idea on how I did, but at least this number gives me an idea
  6. Can I bring another form of ID?? Birth certificate + driver's license + services card? My passport is expired...
  7. Let me know if you're interested in Skype prep!
  8. Invite!!!!! Time Stamp: 22/01/2019 - 12:53 PM EST Location: OOP Stream: English wGPA: on OMSAS - 3.95/6 Current year: UG completed 2018 ECs: A lot of research but no publications, several leadership positions, & included a lot of my interests/passions Casper: Seriously had no idea, but I had a good feeling. Usually finished all 3 questions, but sometimes my answers weren't more than a couple sentences. So happy to have this opportunity!!!
  9. Hey everyone, I just realized that UT looks at the most recent MCAT, not the one that meets all the cutoffs... I tested last year and got a 128/125/128/126. Decided to redo again this year and I received a 129/123/131/129 I'm OOP, applying with a 3.96 cGPA and extensive extracurriculars Will they look at my older MCAT score, and therefore review my application, or will it get thrown out because of my more recent 123 in CARS? Thank you
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