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  1. Hi- has anyone gotten an interview for UBC and would like to practice? Please message if you’re interested
  2. I wonder why they made the sudden change
  3. Do you guys think western will see more applicants this year because of the UofT changes?
  4. Could you please post the pdf file on the forum
  5. Would that score be competitive for schools like dal, usask and Manitoba (all oop)?
  6. Hey! Schools like western and queens for an example look at 2 years worth of marks. You still have 3rd and 4th left to go - do super well in those! Plan your courses out! Be informed! After your 3rd year you can decide if you want to take a 5th year or do 2nd undergrad like you were mentioning or maybe even plan for a masters before med. The world is your oyster dude. You should check if med schools take summer courses into account, every school is different. Also so don’t feel discouraged, keep working hard, you got this!
  7. Hi everyone, Does the MDT count towards your AA or is that a different section entirely?
  8. does the last 60 credits for gpa calculation include summer courses? Also does anyone know how a masters is factored into a dal application?
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