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  1. I don't want to dox myself so here's an imgur: First year should be a 3.86, but it doesn't round. I have to check if my excel does math right for my grades, but that's what I got. Third year is a 3.95 so it doesn't round up unfortunately. https://imgur.com/gallery/P9YKoPG
  2. My 3.86 for one of my academic years got rounded down to a 3.8 so idk if I'm just unlucky.
  3. It gets rounded down, yours would go from 3.67 to 3.6. I'm entering my GPA now and it sucks to see.
  4. Status: Rejection Time Stamp: 5:28pm Location: IP Stream: English cGPA/wGPA: 3.79/3.89 MCAT: 511 (129/125/129/128) Current year: Graduated 2019, been working since ECs: 3 research lab RA positions, extensive volunteering in community and healthcare, extensive work history (10+ years because low income family) in various fields, extensive athletics, moderate campus and club activity at my school, secondary/tertiary language proficiency, upward trend since high school Essays: I felt they were strong, so did everyone who read them. My GPA got tanked because of one bad mark in 4th year (which I explained in my ABS). Geography: IP Thought I had a strong application outside GPA. Didn't get my R last year till something like 3 days before the final interview. This was my dream school, as it is for many others, here's hoping I get in next cycle because my MCAT is only good for one more go. Disappointed the committee can take so long to make a decision, but can't provide me the notes they made on my application or areas for me to improve.
  5. Damn that's cutthroat competitive wow... Mr. Duck is a forum user? Thanks for all the input, I really appreciate it!
  6. You're right there is no harm in writing it, I'm just neurotic about being prepared for it, I guess. Could I ask you for a ballpark estimate of the number of hours to prepare for it? I spent 10-12 hours a day preparing for the MCAT over an 8 week period if that helps relate anything. My wGPA to Ottawa would be a 3.85, where would you rank that for UOttawa?
  7. Entering 4th year at U of T. I haven't written the CASPer and am not interested in writing it this cycle unless my chances are poor. My CARS score is too low for Western (130 cutoff is absurd), limiting my choices to U of T and Queen's. OMSAS cGPA: 3.84 UofT wGPA: 3.87 Queen's 2YGPA: 3.86 MCAT: 129/125/129/128 - 511 Academic EC's: - volunteered with 3 different labs doing research with them, have not published anything though - one of the founders for a premed focused club - completed explore program twice - received $30K in scholarships Volunteering and me stuff: - hospital volunteer for ~1 year, science fair judge, sports conference delegate, student athletics and academics committee member, volunteer at a museum for 1 year, active living promoter (I know it's vague, but it's incredibly specific and can be used to identify me easily) - played intermurals for 2 most recent years and will continue, really got into weightlifting and active living (would I be able to write an ABS of how I went from obese to having a 6 pack, and pushing 1K club, from grade 12 to now? Or is that just pretentious?), I played for a sports team all 4 years in high school and was the captain and MVP in my final year - I've had (to varying degrees from daily to once a week) to take care of a family member with Alzheimer's since grade 11. This person's health deteriorated a lot during my university career, forcing me to do multiple 4/6 academic years so I could have time to help out. - I've been working a seasonal job since I was 12, and I will be balancing full time work and school in my final year because school is hella expensive and single parent first generation family I'm not sure where my GPA and MCAT together stand competitively and when I compare myself to others on this forum I feel like my ECs aren't even average for someone in premed. I'm not interested in taking the CASPer this cycle because I had to compact my studying for the MCAT so I could work full time (3 jobs) in July and August and I don't think I'll have time to prepare for it.
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