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  1. Hey! Also interested. Is it possible to get invited to this group?
  2. Invite/Rejection: Invite (MD) Time Stamp: 22/01/2020 - 3:47 PM Location: IPStream: EnglishwGPA: 3.91Current year: Completed undergradECs: some research, some long term volunteer and meaningful ECs both within and outside healthcare, and some awards for ECs.Casper: didn't really prep that much, did the free practice ones wherever I could find them and practiced typing out responses, no paid resources.
  3. Status: Rejection Time Stamp: 12:37pm Location: IP Stream: English cGPA/wGPA: 3.92 MCAT: 514 (126 cars) Current year: gap year ECs: Id say average ECs for what Queens interviews (interviewed last year). Seems like cars cutoff went up with the increase in applicants. Good luck to everyone interviewing this cycle!
  4. Is that normally emailed out after accepting their invite?
  5. Also interested. Anyone looking to do Skype prep hmu
  6. I am interested as well for something over Skype. PM me if you want to run some practice
  7. I'm interested in something over skype or in gta around mid feb!
  8. I'm also interested! Please let me know what you have in mind.
  9. Though the above comment sums it up well, I still want to mention something. If Queen's is known for their strict interview scheduling and they make a special case for you, then that's reverse-discrimination to everyone outside your religion. Religious discrimination is only if your specific religion is discriminated against, that is clearly not the case if everyone is suffering the same treatment. Just let this thread die there's literally nothing that can be done for anyone here, doesn't matter what factors are involved, Queens has made this abundantly clear.
  10. Seems to be the general consensus, even for regular job interviews, to provide a story about yourself and mention what factors brought you here (the interview).
  11. This whole thread is just premeds getting rekt even outside of undergrad
  12. Not even surprised, I guess they can't really add you to another session. That's just how it goes with group interviews, adding one more person would probably destabilize the way its set up. Really sucks if you can't make it. Good luck on your other interviews though!
  13. 20 extra days of practice, last year they gave out some information AFTER the first interview weekend (though it was something vague about timing and stations that we were given in the interview invite email anyways, but shows that those later dates might have an advantage), mental sanity, and the odd case is schedule constraints based on other interviews/things. Now I'm curious, why did you want the first weekend?
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