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  1. For those I dindu nuffin. If its getting reviewed by someone first I guess they'll see I'm a new student and will understand. We'll probably hear back in a while tho, if everyones doing it at the same time
  2. Anyone else finding the password request service very confusing?
  3. Just got it right now! **edit got sniped by Isgb2s lol but double confirmed**
  4. I always see it says you can get up to $2460 but never saw the option to get the quote until premed72 said he got an appraisal lol. Put in my info and they would give me $570 for my 2017 mbp. Haven't really thought about upgrading but given I'd still have to spend 1k after trade-in for another laptop that is basically the same as my current one doesn't really seem worth. And true 260 for a 2013 model is still dece, a nice lil 15-20% off. Also as a side q when would you guys say it's time to upgrade?
  5. Do they even give you much when you trade in? Never done it but I feel like they'll pull an EB games and give you like $20 off and you won't get their "up to $xyz" unless its the newest one lol. When I was getting my 2017 mbp, I saw people selling like 2010 ones for 500, maybe facebook marketplace can give you a reference for yours to get more value out of it. You may also want to compare 2020 to 2019 when it comes out, if you can get a more decked out 2019 one you can future-proof yourself better. Wish I did that.
  6. I don't think that's it, I ddn't do BLS part 2 yet. I graduated prior to applying so I did not need to submit a transcript since my application, maybe they were still processing your file? But I'm sure someone can prove me wrong about this lol
  7. I'm getting the 2020 pro, probably won't matter if you get the 2018 model, just make sure it supports apple pencil 2. You can wait for it. If you think you will have a lot of use for it now then you can always get a 2019 model (apparently they made the keyboard better than the 2016 version) and then sell it once the new ones come out. Apple products have high resale value you probably can get very close to msrp. What is your current laptop?
  8. I know exactly where this thread is heading so let's get right to it, which ones of you had a button before May 12
  9. Are people actually moving in this weekend? I'm also aiming Aug 22nd
  10. Thank you all for the information. Was that all you needed or was there something like you would eventually need to provide your timetable/more info later?
  11. I'm hearing about this for the first time. I looked up osmosis and it seems mostly for the american curriculum (step 1, etc). Could you tell me a little bit on how you used osmosis? If you have a science background would you say it's unnecessary?
  12. If you don’t mind me asking, did you get an official receipt from Ottawa? If so who should I ask for it? I consulted with kyu and he said it would have to be the official receipt. Thanks!
  13. UofT: attempts to address issues within a historically disenfranchised community by adding healthcare professionals that those members are more likely to trust/listen to, and/or are culturally competent to do so bc healthcare is recognized as a universal right yesandno: makes it about himself *Sorry for run on lol, but more seriously I recommend we all keep thinking holistically. Perhaps if we’re not knowledgeable about the plights these groups face today, stay on the sidelines and let others that are better versed/experienced direct these types of discussions. Word of advice - you claim elsewhere you are interested in this topic and that’s why you’re discussing it, that’s great but reserve your initial conclusions or judgements until you understand the issues more. Also I assume you like science, and esp with a complex issue like racism, there has to be the possibility you don’t know everything and that you could be wrong. Ofc don’t view everything through a scientific lens but maybe it could change the way you think about societal issues to a degree? What you’re doing now is a little untenable. Or if you’re just trying to vent, we’re not your diary.
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