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  1. September 10 based on elentra. Some of the PSD have an in person location, others are TBD or virtual.
  2. I would caution you from putting too many research activities if you have more than the max number of abs entries, it doesn't make up for leadership/service ethics/etc. So if you already have like 3-4 research things you might be good enough in the research category and could pursue your masters less for the research ABS but job prospects + on campus ECs. But you can make the case that conferences do show communication skills. But they wouldn't get much out of like 7 first author publications when you could've mentioned running a campus club, mentoring students, volunteering for a suicide hotline, etc unless you have the room. Those are just random examples, not from my app. Those ECs show your personal attributes, values, and skills that research alone cannot. Like others have mentioned uoft actually has a grad student pool but other schools do boost your application. Mac boosts slightly, 1% for grad and 4% for PhD. Queens doesn't apply the undergrad pool GPA cutoff so you get to move onto their EC/reference letter portion of their file review. But granted you have a 3.97 (is that on a 4.00 scale? Impressive) you would get no intrinsic benefit from queens. Can't remember if ottawa does anything, my guess is they don't. Idk about OOP schools. Definitely check out each school's website and report back. EDIT ** Didn't see your question -> Can't say if graduate pool will necessarily help your application... or hurt it. Too many variables that depend on the graduate pool that year. My best guess is that your competition would decrease somewhat because its not being reviewed against 4000 other uoft applicants (just for uoft) but a few hundred? Every other school there is an objective (slight) benefit, and that might get you an interview! Also I heard UBC likes research/masters, my knowledge of OOP is very poor so definitely research (ha).
  3. More campus access can strengthen ECs, there are typically grad student clubs, but you can also volunteer once a week at Ronald McDonald or something to build up ECs. Work will typically be one entry if you stay at the same place and the EC opportunities you will have to find yourself which may be slightly worse than through schools, e.g. in leadership or mentorship. With masters you can add more student-run activities per year bc of research + clubs/organizations through your school, which also means more responsibilities/roles you can touch on during interviews. If you are okay with research/masters type tasks then do a masters. If you don’t get in med school after you graduate it will be tough to find a job in science without one because there are so many applicants with a masters, they’d rather go with someone who needs less training. Plus a masters can help with CaRMS but I’m not too knowledgeable on that. Ive heard something like epidemiology research helps and some competitive specialties will value graduate degrees in addition to whatever research you do during med. Some MDs that don’t match even do a masters before they apply again if they’re set on that specialty. One way or another, a masters can be beneficial to you if not just for applying.
  4. Maybe they shouldn’t become a doctor then and expose themselves any further... what exactly is an immunocompromised doctor going to do. Why is everyone so entitled to med lol. If I don’t have hands I shouldn’t think of becoming a surgeon. And I know what you’re going to say about rad/path where you don’t see patients, but come on schools not using MCAT for any applicants bc of that? So let’s say it is manageable and they can be a doc, why do they have to write the mcat this year? They should prioritize their own safety first and not write it this year haphazardly, that’s their own responsibility, not the med schools to hold their hand. But tbh I’d rather someone take it as far as you then to go the other extreme and think the pandemic isn’t real. I guess I’m just trying to caution you to be realistic. Don’t take it too personally. But there is a lot more to this topic than simply making med more accessible to applicants. Doing that would not be addressing the issue at all, in fact your suggestion is arguably vastly more unfair for those that are relying on their mcat to secure them interviews with the worse/lack of gpa weighting.
  5. Yeah true we only need to know our exact schedule so like you’re saying it’s probably not finished. Hopefully it’s temporary and they fix our Elantra. We’re really going to have our schedule a week before we start lmao
  6. Mine has French and English but looks different from when I checked 1-2 weeks ago. I think it is updated for the first several weeks but in nov the schedules barely there so that’s probably what will be getting significantly updated. Are you saying the schedule for the intro weeks doesn’t seem right?
  7. This is interesting to me as I'm even earlier in my journey than you so take everything with a massive grain of salt lol. It seems like the 2 things causing your distress are the subject material being boring and personal goal of memorizing everything being too challenging - and it setting up a vicious cycle that makes it difficult to want to continue. Couple things - for you the science behind the diseases might be interesting but their management might be boring. Kind of hard to resolve in a career that manages health. Memorizing pharm is going to be boring, way too trivial. Anatomy might be more interesting in this category. If you hate pharm then FM might not be your strength but you might like path/rads (look into more specialties before dropping out). I'm seeing classic toxic workplace mentality - goal too challenging, always needing to catch up to accomplish goal, downplaying accomplishments (studying 60-70 hours is an accomplishment in itself), negative self-talk, so you burn out and then feel anxiety that you cannot handle being responsible for someone else's life. Thats also not exactly a common role of FM in the respect that someone will die on your watch regularly if you mess up. Typical FM population/bread and butter is much more doable. You're at the start of your medical training so give yourself room for mistakes, that's a huge part of the learning process. Understandably you aren't going to retain knowledge well in overly stressful conditions. That's the benefit of residency to begin with, it takes a long time to become independent, not just one year. Even if you dislike the material at least graduate. You can take your MD and do something else instead of residency if you still hate it (medical startup/business). Last thing - I've spoken to family docs about how much knowledge they have to know. They all say the same thing. It gets wayyyy easier because you keep reviewing the same things year after year. Plus they have the upper hand of clinical experience too, that's where a lot of their knowledge actually gets integrated and contextualized allowing them to remember what drug they gave, not to give certain medications because of a contraindication, etc. TL;DR Give yourself room to make mistakes, learn as you go along, eventually you will gain confidence in yourself and it won't be as terrifying. Don't drop out yet, check out other specialties if FM material is boring, and if nothing resolves your issue, don't waste the coveted MD credential, get it and do something outside of practicing med and earn $$$
  8. I remember hearing about needing a top 3 but I haven't seen that since 2016. They probably said that in 2015 to stop applicants from putting something they rushed last minute to build their app. Same way UBC doesn't let you put anything from June onward. But since you're asking, avoid using highschool activities. Assuming you didn't win an olympic gold medal lol
  9. You don't have to rush to submit your omsas now. You can make your casper account now and reserve/pay for a test date now if I'm not mistaken. You can submit your omsas after you do this, even Oct 1 and when you get your omsas submission ID you can talk to casper support and they will add it to your account. I know Dal needs an ID beforehand to sign up for a casper but Ontario schools don't need that. Also don't rush into taking casper early, make sure you practice at least 1-2 weeks, more is better if you can. EDIT: PM me if you're having trouble.
  10. I think you can make a casper acc anytime and add the ID OMSAS generates after you submit whenever. E.g. last year I added the ID to my already existing account from a prior application cycle after registering for a test and it worked out fine. You just need to tell customer support or whoever it is. I'd make one now so you can see the test dates and potentially reserve one you want now before it's gone in the hunger games after omsas submissions. Usually the ideal dates get sniped first.
  11. I'm sure you saw the email just now but they said you can't bring anyone in with you.
  12. Big facts but aye yo issa joke, you don't have to be poking holes in it LOL
  13. Facts bro adcoms don't have the pass and neither do u LOL
  14. You can mortgage w <<100k easy. I forget how much but maybe 20% for downpayment? ** EDIT - Downpayment can be anything, but new homeowners can do 5% apparently but it's not recommended. Plus the bank has to approve of it and would not be possible if you don't have any annual income so has to be under mom/dads name and then you violate the terms of your LOC, but look into what mortgages are possible for students?** But then @turboturn wouldn't you have to get a very long mortgage and that would get consolidated to any new house you move to for residency/staff, etc? Youd be paying off that initial one for like 10(+) years. Idk v much but when we were looking into moving some of those things were dissuading. Lmk bc I'm also curious, PM me if thats better for you. Are you me? I literally said that exact line when I read that just now. If youre rolling up in a nicer car than some of ur attendings during residency theyre going to clown tf outta you lol
  15. No lmao it's not illegal. The only thing I know for sure when it is breaking the contract (not illegal) is if you are using it on behalf of someone else (making purchases for another person). I'm guessing you are not too worried about paying for your studies/have other sources of money like parents/savings. Only invest what you are fully capable of paying back on top of your school expenses. Btw just bc of your phrasing I feel the need to clarify - med students need cars in clinical years when they're going to multiple hospitals at super early or late hours and busses aren't necessarily running. It's necessary. I guess you can justify a house the same way, you need to live in the city and can rent it out/sell it later and get that money back. If you're buying a house are you doing it with your parents? Youd probably need a cosign. Talk it through with them.
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