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  1. Big facts but aye yo issa joke, you don't have to be poking holes in it LOL
  2. Facts bro adcoms don't have the pass and neither do u LOL
  3. You can mortgage w <<100k easy. I forget how much but maybe 20% for downpayment? ** EDIT - Downpayment can be anything, but new homeowners can do 5% apparently but it's not recommended. Plus the bank has to approve of it and would not be possible if you don't have any annual income so has to be under mom/dads name and then you violate the terms of your LOC, but look into what mortgages are possible for students?** But then @turboturn wouldn't you have to get a very long mortgage and that would get consolidated to any new house you move to for residency/staff, etc? Youd be paying off that initial one for like 10(+) years. Idk v much but when we were looking into moving some of those things were dissuading. Lmk bc I'm also curious, PM me if thats better for you. Are you me? I literally said that exact line when I read that just now. If youre rolling up in a nicer car than some of ur attendings during residency theyre going to clown tf outta you lol
  4. No lmao it's not illegal. The only thing I know for sure when it is breaking the contract (not illegal) is if you are using it on behalf of someone else (making purchases for another person). I'm guessing you are not too worried about paying for your studies/have other sources of money like parents/savings. Only invest what you are fully capable of paying back on top of your school expenses. Btw just bc of your phrasing I feel the need to clarify - med students need cars in clinical years when they're going to multiple hospitals at super early or late hours and busses aren't necessarily running. It's necessary. I guess you can justify a house the same way, you need to live in the city and can rent it out/sell it later and get that money back. If you're buying a house are you doing it with your parents? Youd probably need a cosign. Talk it through with them.
  5. Thanks, I can see it now. Got the email to work as well. Before it kept taking me to the UWO outlook email site and it didn't let me log in, but I went to outlook from google and it worked. Also deleted my history/cookies and now it takes me to the proper uottawa version when I go from ottawa's website.
  6. For those of you that did the password reset method, are you able to access your email, timetable, anything from https://med.uottawa.ca/undergraduate/students/student-zone/pre-clerkship, etc? They gave me a password but I can't do anything other than log into uozone.
  7. That's really disappointing, the CBL bubbles would've made it at least justifiable bc the mandatory portion was biweekly. True, if there's only one thing in person then school is virtually online (lol). But given Ottawas track record, what happens if second semester has more in person components and they tell us 1-2 weeks before. Not that moving to ottawa only to have 4 in person things the first 4 months isn't a fat L lol. If only mandatory PSD, it is doable to fly just for that. I guess if you get sick and airport bans you for 14-21 days, doctors note saves you and they advise you to quarantine anyways. Where did you find out PSD is only 4 times in the fall? If I can stay home I probably would too and try to get out of my lease or just adjust the period I'm renting for if thats even possible. Btw SIM started after Jan last year according to the survival guide pdf, no idea if it's going to be virtual though.
  8. The intro unit schedule looks so fake lol I'd imagine its held by professor professorson https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8T-oVNaY50 lmao whys everything med 1200 and one things diff.
  9. For those I dindu nuffin. If its getting reviewed by someone first I guess they'll see I'm a new student and will understand. We'll probably hear back in a while tho, if everyones doing it at the same time
  10. Anyone else finding the password request service very confusing?
  11. Just got it right now! **edit got sniped by Isgb2s lol but double confirmed**
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