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  1. @premed72 That's true, hopefully that number stays consistent this year too. Some WLers were getting offers 2 weeks ago so they might've filled more spots a little quicker than previous years. I don't want to get my hopes up but let's just hope there are still a considerable number of offers remaining. BTW in addition to littleduck's question do you mind sharing your GPA? P.s Corona is temporary but WuTang is Forever haha
  2. Congrats on your offer! For the rest of us that are still waiting what do you mean? It seems like the class is like 90% full
  3. Congrats on your acceptance! Do you mind sharing when you got your email today? I'm trying to see if there was a big wave at 11:47ish or if its rolling and I should keep refreshing my email every 2s lol
  4. I think you're very high on the WL, you'll hear from them soon! Do you think they send all the WL offers at the same time or would they only do a handful at a time?
  5. Thanks for letting us know! Someone else commented a few days ago that upper years were not joining until June/July. Does it seem like thats not the case?
  6. @vandijk.04 Ran out of reactions already but thanks
  7. My biggest confusion rn. I think because we see a decent number of 7:38 creation times, it's a continuation but cannot explain further. Maybe a delay/lag somehow.
  8. Hey thank you for joining us, much appreciated for sharing your information! Did you get an offer or you're just joining the party? And would you be kind enough to check the created time?
  9. We're standing on the shoulders of giants hahaha, it's been known to correlate closely with timestamp for multiple years! But this level of engagement hasn't been seen before on a WL thread.
  10. It is. My mom asked her MD friends if I could shadow and they said the royal college doesn't allow for non-medical students to shadow. I've heard (not from them) its some liability/insurance reasons and potentially breaching confidentiality. Some Canadian schools also explicitly state that shadowing a doctor in Canada is prohibited and if on your application can hurt your candidacy (looking at you UBC...). I agree, OP shadowing a nurse will give decent exposure, and if you have time, you can volunteer in your hospitals ER department, surgical clinic, or any ambulatory clinic to give you an idea of how things work inside the hospital. You will encounter many docs and they would be able to answer some of your questions.
  11. Why do you say that? But also yeah I'm accepting that I'll most likely have to go through this process next year. Man my references must hate me now.
  12. Any other schools/programs? Neither are great for GPA if you're gunning for med and I've heard UofT is a GPA killer by many. If you only applied to these 2 I'd say UWO slightly > UofT. Both produce a lot of med students compared to other schools but that's only because very intelligent people go into either program so it is not an indication of your individual performance/likelihood of great performance, but a survey of the kinds of students that are in these schools. I did Western Med Sci, you can DM me for details.
  13. It's a PM101 waitlist thread what do you expect lol. We're already using this forum as a way to estimate individual WL ranking so we've already established how neurotic it gets . But in all seriousness you have the right mindset to go through the wait calmly. I'd need hear something like the admins just accept without checking for an offer to believe the number will rise and it doesn't indicate WL movement. But if that's the case then yeah I would probably think the numbers are more bloated than already indicated and not think too much of them.
  14. Did anyone get an offer today? The fb group is up to 123 now so seems like theres been movement today. If there's nobody from the forum thats really discouraging.
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