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    CASPer Prep

    Another free CASPer test at CASPerfect here.
  2. @narcolepticpanda I see where you're coming from, but I think you might be overestimating CASPer. I had a worse GPA than you, a 129 CARS, and I got into Mac. CASPer doesn't ask too much about extracurriculars, and even then, you can find ways to utilize the ECs you've listed to do well. Hit me up if you want advice! Writing the CASPer is 100% easier than writing secondaries, or getting that amazing 526 MCAT.
  3. FutureERDoc


    I think it's doable - but you'll have to practice for CASPer! I practiced quite a bit and got into the 4 CASPer schools, even with a GPA around yours.