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  1. I had zero OT experience. I had shadowed a PT in the community and volunteered at the rehab centre in the pt department. You should definitely apply especially having the experience with children with special needs!
  2. I got into physio and OT in 2018 at uOttawa with a 3.71 SGPA so if you speak french its possible!
  3. Hey! I interviewed and got accepted to both OT and PT last year. The interviews are just general questions as they do all their rehab science interviews together. The stations also alternate French/English. Biggest tip would be to practice with a friend your response to the general MMI questions that you find on google in both languages. Also practice speaking for the full time (either 5-10min I can't remember) without repeating yourself/talking in circles. Hope this helps!
  4. Hey! 1) They look at your sub gpa to rank for interviews 2) I think the GPA is lower than others but couldn't say exactly what it is, mine was around 3.7. The interview is also half English half French and they strongly weigh bilingualism in your interview score (I think it counted for 25% or something last year of the interview score). 3) Last year the interview invites were sent out March 3rd. Unlike other schools though, they will reimburse some of your travel. 4) You find out the same day as all of the other Ontario schools. 5) I would say were about 2/3 from Ontario, the rest from the East Coast. I also have one classmate from Manitoba and another from Alberta. As a French student from Manitoba you would be applying for the out of province spots (18%) and also the CNFS spots (12%) because you would be considered French living in a minority French population. Hope this helps!
  5. Awesome! Do you have a link to the group I cant seem to find it. Never mind found it! The group was just created
  6. Hey are there any other future uottawa students? I will be starting ot there in the fall.
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