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  1. Dw about the stat increase. There's always going to be some kind of variation so just do the best that you can. My GPA was very slightly below the mean GPA for the 2nd and 3rd time I applied and my DAT was around the average too. If you're hovering around the mean for stats, you should be able to snag an interview invite and go from there.
  2. For bio I used Cliffs Bio as a review of what I forgot from when I took my intro bio courses. You can find someone selling it or find a pdf online. I also used an anki DAT deck I found online and made a deck of mistakes I made from whatever resources I happened to be using. I started my review around May or June and finished up reviewing the content by around mid-late August. From September to November I tried to just drill questions from the resources I had and brush up on whatever I forgot from my review. Try to find what works best for you and your schedule. Take what I say with a grain of salt too since I got rekt with an 18 for BIO when I actually focused on the sciences section doing what I mentioned above.
  3. DATCrusher and Chad's Videos were sufficient for when I studied. I used whatever resources DATCrusher had for the PAT and used the practice tests to pinpoint my weak spots about a month before I had to take the DAT. Even though I'm not that great with chemistry, Chad's Videos definitely helped me with boosting my Chem score. IMO DAT Destroyer is overkill if you're using it for the Canadian DAT. I reviewed the Bio and Chem questions in the book and I found it didn't help me much on test day. Yeah. Definitely get a good grasp of the topics they list on the CDA website under biology. I'd focus on breadth of knowledge over depth of knowledge since test content could have the odd question on ecology, behaviour, etc. There's anki decks and quizlet resources if you look around but definitely make your own flashcards to get down concepts that are a bit fuzzy for you.
  4. Third time's a charm after all. Just got in off WL this morning via e-mail. My stats are posted above.
  5. Hello WL again. 3.88, 70, 32 I guess I get another year to work on my nervous demeanor and my incompetence with the MMIs unless WL pulls through. My GPA is more or less hardstuck and I don't have it in me to rewrite the DAT a 4th time. Lots of stuff on my mind but I'll be distracting myself in the meantime hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Congrats to everyone that managed to get in.
  6. I got the same response. Give them a while to get around to us rejects. They'll get around to us eventually once they get their 2023 class affairs settled.
  7. I was part of the last interview weekend at the 3pm slot. Vicki had said definitely by the end of March during our exit interview. I don't remember hearing a March 11 during the conversation. She had mentioned that they were going to have 2 or so meetings to discuss it and that one of the meetings would have been last Friday. Now whether that's the first of them or the last them I can't say for sure.
  8. Yeah the MMI questions were pretty vanilla compared to what I've gotten from past interviews. This interview was first time I didn't feel terrible about my responses. Of course I could've explained things a bit better but for me it's an improvement compared to when I've applied the first 2 times. Hopefully it turns out well for everyone.
  9. Very late interview invite as someone dropped theirs! Anyone have any scheduling info as I hastily try to plan a trip over to Vancouver? The e-mail said Friday and Saturday but not much asides from that.
  10. Rejected. UofT was a bit of a reach for me anyway thanks to the grade conversions and because they don't look at the fall semester marks.
  11. Confirmed UofT sent me an e-mail around a day after the scores came out confirming they have all my documents.
  12. Most if not all the Canadian universities take this November DAT as the last acceptable one for this cycle. I'm not 100% on Aussie schools. Personally I haven't written in February for the past couple of times I've written it but I have many friends that wrote it then after writing a November DAT. Don't get me wrong, work is work but IMO I think it would be a little bit easier to relearn the information given that you had put in the work to learn the content for the most recent November DAT. When it comes to writing November v.s. February, I'm pretty sure less people write during the February sitting. Regardless of when you write and the number of people that do write, this doesn't change the fact that you still have to do well on that particular test (albeit relative to everyone else but you can only control how well you do so you might as well focus on that). I really like @purplethang's outlook on it. Hungry. Resilience and heart right there. You can come up with whatever reason one month may be better to write than the other but if you hit a home run with that particular test, there shouldn't be a reason that they can't give you a higher score. I think for this sitting, we can dismiss some of the lower scoring as an anomaly and just hope for the best in future rewrites.
  13. Man my BIO score last year when I didn't even study for the sciences section was higher than this LOL. I was ready to throw some hands and ask about re-grades until I saw that scale. That's tough. RC: 22 BIO: 17 (I got an 18 last year just for reference) CHEM: 27 Science average: 20 AA: 22 PAT: 20 MDT: 24 At least I have a higher score from one of my retakes for UofA. I'm a little bit sad that my PAT score has progressively lowered since my first attempt. I'm glad that my AA managed to get to >20 but I'm not sure if it's enough after lurking around the forums for OOP stats. The grade conversions as an OOP applicant don't really help me out so I was hoping to score higher in terms of raw score especially when BIO was taken into consideration.
  14. I've been checking since the CASPER website said they sent the results over to them. Nothing on my end either.
  15. Anything Shoji Meguro for me I'm pretty big into funk/soul/old school hip-hop as well. Really digging this track I just found today too
  16. Link to the article released by the UofA: https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/news/2018/november/indigenous-students-top-priority-in-university-of-alberta-medical-school?fbclid=IwAR1cv8ZiVhYqiG_tdWfcIcwrEJa8WMCLKYyuBgVPN91OFUR6KlztfHIRcFE I'm not too familiar with the MD admissions process but I'm curious to hear what other people have to say about the changes they're looking to implement
  17. They'll send out an e-mail to everyone saying you can access it. If you're feeling really keen, you can log-in to the student download section around early December to maybe catch the results a day before they send out their mass e-mail telling everyone the DAT transcripts are available for download. I've been trying to muster up the energy to prepare for the final I have coming in about a week. One habit I picked up while studying for the DAT was to browse /r/premed and /r/MCAT for their memes like the one below so that's somewhat kept my mind off of waiting.
  18. Pretty sure I slanted my notch on my soap but I have a DAT score from last year if I took an L on that section. Overall it wasn't too bad. Just gotta hope for the best in about 6-8 weeks.
  19. 1) Yes 2) Unless something has changed, you should still be allowed to 3) Yes. Fill in your holes for hole punching, write down whatever you crammed 5 minutes before walking into the room, writing on the test is fair game. 4) I think it has to be an analog watch from what I remember. No digital or fruity korean samsung apple watches allowed.
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