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  1. anyone going to drop Dal PT for a friend?
  2. I haven't seen any talk about Dal PT, I'm sure if you made one people will join
  3. Anyone want to take one for the team and turn down their Dal PT offer...
  4. Did you have any luck with finding a LOC that doesnt involve a cosigner? It looks like I will have to move on from scotiabank
  5. I wonder if they will wait until 12am pacific time before sending ours? some sort of system error? or perhaps im rejected lol idk
  6. Which province are you from? I'm on the west coast and haven't heard anything
  7. Did you just get it or did you receive it at midnight exactly?
  8. No word from Mac yet, still pending on their student website
  9. yea nothing yet on my end, still pending on their student site
  10. I haven't received anything yet and no updates on orpas. guess its a no
  11. waitlisted for UW OT but nothing else yet.... its under the choices/offers section of orpas right?
  12. Hi everyone, I was placed on waitlist and was wondering if those who have been accepted can comment if they will reject their offer? I really appreciate it!