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  1. Will they contact via email or ORPAS? Or both? What do they say/ what does it look like? Mentally preparing myself for the worst, hoping for the best
  2. Don't sweat it, friend! I feel the same, but we have to have confidence that our input is enough for them to accept us. I think they put the tight character count to test us on our concise writing ability and to make sure that people don't go on and on about their experiences like saving 1000 puppies in Africa
  3. This is music to my ears!!!
  4. If I could hazard a guess, if the sGPA cutoff (say it's 3.8) then those close to it (i.e., 3.7) will be reviewed based on their CASPER and could therefore take a position of someone with a 3.8 GPA but a bad CASPER score. This is purely speculation though
  5. For U of T it looks like they're using it as the first step for their admission evaluation. Here it states: "Stage One: Applicants with a CASPer z-score ≥ -1 will advance to the next stage" It sounds like this weeds out everyone with z-score ≥ -1 Source: https://www.physicaltherapy.utoronto.ca/admissions/how-to-apply/
  6. no, and it's probably best that you don't as you wont have time to write!
  7. Do you mind if I ask if this includes your masters grades? I heard Queens, Western, and McGill don't consider graduate courses (McGill just bumps your undergraduate GPA by 0.1)
  8. I just don't understand why it's not considered documentation like transcripts are? Why not just make it January 31? seems silly
  9. A little frustrated chasing references over the holidays. Why the hell is the deadline in January
  10. Which school is this for and what is the prerequisite? If it's for UBC you're out of luck as they have a requirement that you have to meet a B or 72% in the course for it to count as a prereq. Is there any chance you have another course that would count towards it?
  11. Exactly -- Isn't it closer to 80-120k depending on experience?
  12. I applied to UBC last year and was unsuccessful. Fortunately, I saved my written submissions but I am concerned that they will double check if I simply copy-pasted my previous years responses. What are your thoughts on rewriting the submissions so they aren't self-plagiarized? Or do you think they won't bother?
  13. Do I have to write my personal responses before I submit or can I edit after?
  14. Which schools say that? Or was it just an ORPAS thing?