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  1. People have been rejected? Damn, well I guess there is hope!!
  2. lol still nothing. I must have been forgotten
  3. Congratulations on the OT & PT invites! when exactly did you hear back from alberta?
  4. Yea, I still haven't heard back. I bet they'll just keep it rolling through until the MMI
  5. I think March 17? I assume rejections will be coming out soon
  6. Same, I can't find any notification of a decision. Are you OOP as well?
  7. I read that too but last year was earlier than that
  8. Does anyone know when we might hear from McGill?
  9. I haven't received one either, I would imagine they're either doing in-province today and OOP tomorrow (I am OOP). Otherwise, you might be right.
  10. I haven't received any notice yet, anyone else? Did you see it on email or ORPAS?
  11. was there really ever any doubt lol....
  12. lol you mean physically looking in on their sheets "no judge, I swear I'm not creepin"