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  1. Thanks for the video!! I am assuming the PCE is not tied in with the programme?
  2. Hi Everyone, I was wondering if those who have lived on campus (specifically, the glengary apartments) could comment on how it was? Are they extremely old? My budget is $1200 max so I am also looking close to the PT building. Maybe South Tower??
  3. That's true but I think if you enter a probationary accredited program you still run the risk of non-accreditation if they remain probationary by the time you graduate (I doubt it will come to that)
  4. It would certainly be devastating to graduate with an unaccredited degree!
  5. Hey I've got an update for you: check this website out https://peac-aepc.ca/pdfs/Resources/Fact Sheets/Fact Sheet for Students Probationary Accreditation.pdf Note: "If you were admitted (i.e. accepted an offer of admission) to the program while it held Accreditation – Probationary, you will not be considered a graduate of an accredited program at the time of graduation if the program holds nonaccreditation status at that time"
  6. It might be worth contacting the Physiotherapy regulators regarding this, just to get the official word. Dalhousie is under review as theirs ends in 2020 so I am curious what would happen if they lose accreditation halfway through my degree
  7. did anyone end up making one? I received an acceptance today!!!
  8. what is the best bank account/credit card/ line of credit for PT students, not requiring co-signer?
  9. I'm out of province too, I would email them to see if they can give you a response
  10. are you on waitlist or haven't received any response? I was put on waitlist, not sure when it moves
  11. Why are you taking this so personally? You didn't answer my question regarding why not post it on here? Perhaps you can provide a general overview of the program that you don't like?
  12. Why not just say it on here? You've posted this twice already. Unless you're on waitlist trying to get others to back out
  13. Two world class universities. If it were me, I would look at the community and see which vibes with me more. Also isn't the QYOT an extra year?
  14. Taking one for the team, I love it. I need someone to drop Dal PT <3
  15. any chance you might know how much Dal PT waitlist moved in the past? It was hard for me to find any details
  16. I haven't seen any talk about Dal PT, I'm sure if you made one people will join
  17. Anyone want to take one for the team and turn down their Dal PT offer...
  18. Did you have any luck with finding a LOC that doesnt involve a cosigner? It looks like I will have to move on from scotiabank
  19. I wonder if they will wait until 12am pacific time before sending ours? some sort of system error? or perhaps im rejected lol idk
  20. Which province are you from? I'm on the west coast and haven't heard anything
  21. Did you just get it or did you receive it at midnight exactly?
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