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  1. Hello all, first I suppose I should break down my gpa year by year to provide some insight into my situation. I'll break it down year by year, with the course loads in each semester followed by the gpa of that year year 1 3/2 gpa:1.2 (I know) without going into too much detail i suffered a brain injury while playing varsity sports and should not have been in school at the time and may actually have a case to have it taken off my transcript (very small chance though) year 2 3/3 gpa:3.0 year 3 5/4 gpa:3.1 (had a 3.7 second sem but failed a class in first sem :/) year 4 4/6 gpa: 3.77 Year 5 coming this fall. I guess my question is how should I proceed? A post bac/masters? Or a 2nd UG? My ec's are minimal but average maybe, I've worked on a research project as part of a md students masters project in public health two years ago. I started working in a lab this last may and will be hopefully working in two simultaneously throughout the year (both for credit). I've worked pretty much near full time throughout university to support myself (same job for over 8 years in the service industry, working multiple positions at the establishment) I am the president currently of two clubs, one I founded that is more of a social club (board game related) and the other being a disease related club. I played for the canadian national team for a year in my sport and was a captain/mvp of the provincial team as well. I will soon be collaborating with health professionals in organzing mental health seminars for immigrant populations ( I am an immigrant myself). Other than that, I'll be writing the mcat this August hopefully without having to rewrite. I know this is a giant wall of text but I was hoping to get some insight on how to move forward. I know my gpa is abysmal and is obviously the most important thing I need to repair. I'm just unsure how at this point and the stress of putting all this effort in for nothing is really weighing on me and worrying me. Thanks for taking the time to read this guys.
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