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  1. will there be a second round of emails for regrets or are they all sent out at once?
  2. yes this is kinda late but ib transcripts arent needed. @hoodie i think you should be fine!
  3. Grind101

    ABS Format

    What about if the research has been submitted to a journal but has not been published yet? should I just include the research experience as "research" or still do as you suggested above?
  4. are people submitting IB transcripts tho? i didnt request for mine because nowhere did it mention anything besides post-secondary transcripts being mandatory and im kinda worried now with the deadline so close
  5. so just to confirm, apart from references and transcripts, we dont need to submit any other documents prior to the interview stage?
  6. Does anyone else have a document section that appears blank? What are the external documents that we need to attach to the application?
  7. Grind101

    Adding Awards

    yeah but as mentioned by frenchpress, the help guide explicitly says not to include them! just an fyi!
  8. Hey guys, Just out of curiosity, what is people's opinion on adding awards/scholarships that I was offered coming out of high school but did not accept. Is it better to add those than leave that section pretty much blank (i.e. i have one or two awards otherwise to add there)?
  9. Grind101

    CASPer/Interview/Application prep group

    not in montreal but interested in online prep! - Ontario student!