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  1. Scrap the whole "time line" mentality. I personally fell victim to this and it stressed me out more than it should have. I often thought way too much about the future and hitting specific milestones at specific time periods of my life. The final result: absolutely nothing went to plan and ended up getting in 3 years after than I expected and it was a very choppy ride. Let things flow naturally and just put your next best foot forward. Looking back, I dont think I would have been ready for med school if I got in "earlier". I feel like this year was the true year I was meant to start the med journey. I gained new experiences along the way and I felt like I developed great skills that I cant wait to apply in medicine. Just keep doing things you enjoy, spend time with family and friends, maybe drink a couple beers every once and a while and everything will be fine. Wishing you best of luck!
  2. I kinda like the idea of them using the highest combo. It's basically what queens already does with the 2 year GPA vs. cGPA
  3. I bit the bullet and signed a lease as well I didnt want to scramble for a place last minute.
  4. Hey everyone! Anyone else having difficulty obtaining a police record check? My local police station went totally ghost on me haha
  5. I would call Kyu. I have access to my LOC right now and I had to provide just the admissions letter. But he did say I have to provide him a timetable of courses and stuff eventually.
  6. I was in your position a few years ago. I had a good convo with my supervisor and told them my intentions. They ultimately did not allow me to apply because they truly are investing time and money in you. No one was salty about the encounter, I think they respected my honesty. My point is that it is prob wise to sit down with them and ask. Some PIs are chill but others arent. It's best to be on the same page as your PI throughout a masters. Itll ease alot of stress. Believe me
  7. Yup. This is so true. I saw this every day as a grad student myself.
  8. For sure apply. If you do well on CASPer you have a good chance to interview at Ottawa. For Toronto just make sure you write stellar essays Goodluck
  9. I want to echo John's comment about moving to maritimes. If you're willing to do it, you can greatly increase your chances at dal. I know of people who made the move and it worked out well. But of course moving might not be feasible depending on your personal situation but I thought I'd just emphasize that it could be an option. Whishing you best of luck with the MCAT and everything else
  10. I agree with DrOtter!! Correct me if I'm wrong though, have you already reached the dal mcat cutoffs?
  11. Ya I mentioned this in my post. And like what JohnGrisham said, I think this is way easier for me to handle. I also have finance friends with finance acumen and they told me the plan is great.
  12. I ended up going with scotia cuz most other banks required me to pay interest payments every month (at least that's what I got from their plan). This didnt sit well with me cuz I'll have no source of income (or maybe very minimal) throughout school and I dont have family that can dish out payments for me every month. Scotia allows to start paying off after the grace period but the catch is that the interest is compounded. But whatever I'll just take the hit. Also the credit card plans that Scotia offered were very attractive and when you finish training the LOC turns into a personal LOC with same interest rate. Other banks might do this but still. Overall I thought this was the best plan personally.
  13. The majority of schools give you a conditional offer and that you must complete the masters degree you are enrolled in. I thought of quitting my MSc many times (including 2 weeks ago LOL) but soon reminded myself that it was required for me to finish so I can secure an acceptance. I was in your position 3 years ago. committing to a lab and knowing I'd have to wait a few years before I can enrol in a med school wasnt the most fun time. Like others have mentioned, there are many other options besides a masters that dont have a strict time committment and youd still be able to do something useful with your time. In general, my advice is that if you are already asking if you can cut your MSc short before starting one, I'd just not do one to begin with. You'll thank me later haha.
  14. I dont think a fellow undergrad student as a referee is appropriate. I would definately stay far away from that option. Based on the info presented, I'd go with the supervisor (if they are employed by your school/faculty member). They can talk about a bunch of things if they observed you as a TA and the two years of them knowing you might stand out better. Any prof will be fine. If you think they will write you a good one then go for it! Best of luck
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