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  1. Based on what U of T posted about COVID-19, is it safe to say that grad applicants and their defence deadline will be handled somewhat on a case by case basis?
  2. Hello there. I have similar CARS woes so I feel for you. That is most likely what is holding you back. Your game plan from now on should just be CARS. I really do not think you should do a masters given your current situation. Your stats and ECs are more than enough to get you in somewhere (as of now just Ottawa and Toronto for next year) and the masters would only be taking time away from you tbh. I'm currently an MSc and yes my project was very cool to me, but waiting those extra two years to apply again was a pain and it was not a fun journey. An MSc is a huge commitment (with time and energy) and I would strongly advise agaisnt doing one if your motive is to fill your years with "something". Sorry if I'm sounding negative here, I think it would be wise for you to hear someone who has gone through that route! However, if you are completely and utterly passionate about the research then by all means do it. I've worked with people in my lab who couldnt see themselves doing anything else. But honestly you're a premed with good stats and you're going to want get out of the lab asap. Trust me LOL. It's also important to note that MSc's advertise as a two year program but Tbh the average time-line is more like 2.5-3 years, depending on the field of work. So keep that in mind as well. Try and figure out what went wrong with the other parts of your app as well. Toronto loves essays, maybe they could have been written better etc. For Ottawa, casper the ghost is often underestimated. Once you get past the casper woes you'll most likely land an Ottawa interview tbh. Anyways, cheers. PM if you have more questions about MScs/grad studies
  3. I will have to kindly disagree with this. How can you possibly know who the applicant is by just looking at a set of numbers? I also dont think you need some next level EC to stand out. I think they look for applicants that take whatever experience they have and know how to find meaning in it and express what they learnt from the experience. They dont rate ECs based on the title. For example, curing a disease in Africa = 10pts but flipping burgers = 2pts. They objectify the EC based on how the applicant expresses meaning in those experiences. Some people come from different backgrounds and yes they are exposed to different opportunities. But everyone has the capacity to think about why they did this, what I learnt, how I failed, how i succeeded etc. That shows some humanism that a GPA cant show. I think they convert subjective components into an objective evaluation based on some qualities you can express as a human. They dont have a sheet of paper with boxes and each box has a list of what an applicant should have. The number of interview slots are limited and but the number of remaining applicants are limited too. The ratio ends up being the same from one pool to the next. Whoever does this got bad advice. You shouldn't be doing ECs to check off a box. Maybe that's why these people dont "stand out". You're suppose to do things you like. I think there is a strong correlation between what you like and how well you can express your passions in an essay. If I hated hospital volunteering I prob would write a pretty dusty essay for example. Anyway, sorry for long reply. These are my thoughts! Cheers
  4. I'm in the same boat too. Feeling stressed out about the deadline especially now that my lab is shutting down as well. Should we ask admissions what their intentions are or should we just wait it out?
  5. You can make an argument both ways. Prepping and recording 4 answers can be super chill. If it's on the spot it's a different story. But in person interviewees obvs had to answer on the spot with 15+ questions. This format will also reduce the nerves of speaking in front of someone through Skype. Idk. Both interview formats are tough in their own way. Some people are probably celebrating it's an online recording LOL I dont think itll affect the final decisions that much tbh. The same proportion of people who get offered admission from each interview day will be the same as other years.
  6. What do you mean by this? 3/4 of toronto has already been in person
  7. Any other grad applicants out there trying to cram in their thesis defence quick? Lol
  8. Hey there. I agree with DrOtter. Based on their new changes, a publication doesnt matter if you're placed in the grad pool or not. You're automatically assessed as a grad applicant but you get "weighting" at varying degrees, depending on the nature of your grad studies and what stage you're in. Example: PhD conferred > MSc conferred > MSc in progress etc.. it's on their website in more detail. Queens I believe barely looks at your GPA if you're a grad applicant. I think the cutoff is very low if you're applying with a conferred or in progress MSc or PhD. Its one of the few programs that helps alot.
  9. Hey so for my profile it kind of sucks because I did exceptionally well in the three years that I was enrolled in a full course load, however, my first year was mediocre with a non full-course load. I have a valid/personal reason as to why I only took x amount of courses in first year; so hoping my academic explanations essay is taken into consideration! Thanks for the input.
  10. I was thinking the same thing but I couldn't find that information anywhere
  11. Hey everyone, I have a question regarding wGPA eligibility. I am fully aware that you need to have a full course load to obtain the wGPA and their website does mention the following: if you apply after completing three years of undergraduate study, your lowest three FCE grades will be removed. if you apply after completing four years of undergraduate study, your lowest four FCE grades will be removed. However, my question is somewhat complicated so perhaps it would be best used with an example. If I completed 4 years of undergrad and one of my years was not full time (the following three years were), why is it that someone who has only completed 3 years of undergrad with a full course load can still obtain the wGPA. I would technically still have the same amount of full-time years as someone who applied right after their third year; so why wouldnt I be eligible to at least get 3 FCEs dropped from my GPA? When you apply after your 3rd year of uni, your fourth year grades wouldnt be assessed regardless. It just seems odd that someone who has completed 3 years on a full time basis but applied after they graduate is not getting the same assessment as someone applying after their 3rd year. This may sound confusing so feel free to ask for clarifications on my question. If im missing some information it would be great if someone can inform me on this matter. Or if someone who has experience in this matter it would be great to have your feedback! Thanks
  12. Hello PreMedJen, I am very sorry to hear about the condition of your grandmother. I think you need to feel proud of yourself for taking care of her despite your own personal circumstances. Also, you are in no means "complaining", your situation is clearly difficult but I also do think it can be manageable. I too had to re-write the MCAT this summer but I was in a different circumstance as you. However, I think we can draw some parallels and perhaps you can take some of my advice. For one thing, take a deep breath. You already have experience being an MCAT examinee, so this upcoming MCAT should not come at you with any crazy surprises. For me, when I re-took it this summer, I felt super comfortable in the exam centre and things felt great as I already experienced this setting a year ago; i really do think you can feel the same way come your exam date. In terms of time management, from what I understand your day is consumed with taking care of your grandmother? If there are any breaks in between this time period, maybe you can squeeze in some practice questions or read some content review but also being attentive to your grandmother when she needs help? In terms of evening/night studying, if your parents are home at this time maybe you can work out a compromise or a plan with them such that: "when you guys are home, maybe we can trade roles while i do some more rigorous studying on my own time" - something along those lines maybe? I hate to draw a comparison to myself because I did not experience any of these hardships this summer but I think the amount of time I had to study was very limited and I had to devise a very strategic plan so I didnt fall behind. I am a current full time masters student and only had a few hours a day to get solid studying in. Maybe you can use some of the time-management skills that I used? When I would come home, i was dead exhausted but I used my trusty espresso machine to make me a nice coffee to build up that energy again. i knew i only had a few hours so i made sure i studied "efficiently". What I mean by this is that I did a TONE of practice questions and reviewed my answers and looked up concepts I didnt understand. Compared to how i studied last year (full 12 hour days to myself) to how i studied this year (maybe a max of 4 hours/day), i felt like i gained more from this efficient style of studying. In terms of the noise in the household, I come from a crazy italian family that thinks communication involves animated high decible yelling. I too, struggled with this while studying. What I did was buy a pair of construction worker styled headphones that are basically used for concrete drilling and I wore those while I studied LOL; believe it or not I still heard my mom yelling at me to do the laundry but for the most part it worked. I also took time to go to the local library when I had the chance! At the end of the day, I think you put in alot of effort this summer to not write your exam. I say you fight as much as you can and just go for it. Maybe use this exam as a "heck, I got nothing to lose" mentality but also dont go down without a fight. Your number one priority and responsibility should definitely be making sure your grandmother is okay, but I do think there are enough hours in the day to study normally, you just have to search for those opportunities - even if it does seem impossible. If things dont go well with your exam, its really not a big deal at all. Just regroup and try again for it. i think going through this exam a second time will increase your chances even further to succeed at a potential 3rd re-write (if needed). just ride along and see how things go! Hope everything turns out well for you, keep your chin up
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