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  1. Thanks for the response! Could I ask what you’re studying in grad school and what your plans are after grad school and your second undergrad if you aren’t able to make it into med? My fear is going through that entire process (3-5 years I imagine) and still not being in a better position as I am today.
  2. Thanks for the response, appreciate it! I have applied to Western, Queen’s, Toronto and Mac this cycle. Honestly theres so many people applying to Western and Queen’s that your EC’s have to be insane, and of course it can be quite subjective. It sucks to have to do more school when I know I’m ready but at least I can study something I’m actually interested in pursuing as a backup career now while also picking up good grades to cast a wider net for med apps.
  3. wGPA for Toronto is 3.68. cGPA for Mac is 3.42. I know Toronto has the graduate application stream, but Mac only gives an extra 1% score for a Masters. I guess the safest route would be doing both a second undergrad and a Masters.
  4. Thanks for the detailed reply, I really appreciate it Would you recommend a second undergrad over a Masters? Honestly I am thinking about doing both, but which one do you think would be more immediately helpful? (Masters for Toronto/ECs, second undergrad for Ottawa/job)
  5. Hello! Was just looking to see if anyone could advise me on next steps for my situation. I graduated with an Honours Bachelor of Science in 2018 from an Ontario university, and have been focusing on building my ECs since graduation. Here are my stats: 1st year - 2.9 2nd year - 3.0 3rd year - 3.9 4th year - 3.9 MCAT - 514 (128 CARS) I was diagnosed with ADHD in the summer following my second year, treatment helped me score well on the MCAT and in my courses in my last two years. I would like to go to Med School in Ontario, but I am open to other options. Currently, I am not sure whether to pursue a: Master’s degree (I would prefer to study Global Health or something related to ADHD) Second undergrad (in something more employable than a HBSc, hopefully beginning in 3rd/4th year while allowing me to get a 4.0) Or continuing to stay out of school, volunteering and working Can anyone give me some advice?
  6. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely get on that.
  7. I understand, I haven't either but my university Ombudsperson believes I have grounds for an appeal under the Ontario Human Rights Committee recommendations. UofT (3.68 wGPA) is only possible through the Academic Explanations Essay, and my wGPA for Ottawa too low at ~3.78. A 5th year is difficult atm due to personal reasons.
  8. Passed with Distinction means any course where I got over ~80% roughly. Since there's only 4 of those courses where I got 80%+ out of the ~18 I took in 1st/2nd year, it probably doesn't help me that much. Wouldn't a 5th year only be useful for Ottawa? Assuming that I'm ineligible to apply for Ottawa if I only have 2 years of number-graded courses on my transcript, even with a 4.0 5th year my cGPA would only increase to 3.94 from 3.91.
  9. Hi Guys, I struggled during my first two years of undergrad due to undiagnosed ADHD (GPA ~2.9 avg), but after being diagnosed I did well in my last two years (~3.9 avg). My uni's Ombudsperson has suggested that I ask for my 1st and 2nd year grades to be changed to "Passed". This would, theoretically, remove the poor first two years from the GPA calculation and increase my cGPA from ~3.4 to ~3.9, allowing me to be much more competitive GPA-wise for Toronto, McMaster and possibly Ottawa (not sure how they would calculate it). However, I'm worried about any problems this may cause. My impression is that med schools don't actually look at your transcript and just let OMSAS screen for GPA, but if my transcript is looked at or if OMSAS flags it, it would seem quite odd without any explanation. Could anyone provide some advice?
  10. Just received my rejection from UofT and am looking for some advice as I'm in a bit of a confusing situation. My cGPA (~3.4) and wGPA (~3.7) are way below competitive ranges for UofT. I was diagnosed with ADHD after my first two years of undergrad in which I received a GPA of ~3.0 both years. After being diagnosed and starting my medication my 3rd and 4th year marks were much higher and competitive for UofT at 3.93 and 3.89. Therefore, I submitted an AEE explaining my situation along with my application. From looking through the UofT Med's website/Facebook I see that a special committee looks over each AEE and decide what kind of special consideration will be given on a case-by-case basis. I also know that my EC's are not very strong, as I was rejected from Western and Queens pre-interview despite making the GPA/MCAT cutoffs. Is there any way I can find out the reason for my rejection? If I am receiving my rejection now does that mean my file advanced past the GPA and MCAT checks and into the full file review (meaning that it was my non-academics which disqualified me)? I am torn between continuing to focus on building my ECs for the next cycle and returning to school to try and improve my undergrad GPA.
  11. I find that I often put in a lot of hours over shorter periods of time into my ECs and move on once I feel I am not gaining any more from the experience, usually after 6-12 months, as a result I do not have many “long-term” commitments (more than 1 year). What is more important, hours or duration?Would 300 hours over 3 months be valued the same as 300 hours over 3 years for Canadian Medical Schools?
  12. Hi all, I wasn't offered interviews from Queens and Western this year and doubt UofT will give me an interview either. I have completed my undergrad with an overall GPA is low at 3.42 but my last 2 years is 3.91. I got a 516 on my MCAT with a 128 CARS. Since I made the cutoffs for Queens and Western I know I have to work on my ECs in order to get an interview. I was wondering if any current/former med students and/or file reviewers would be willing to take a look at my OMSAS application and give me suggestions on how to improve my application for the upcoming cycle. Thanks
  13. Thank you for the prompt reply, overthinking and anxiety are at an all time high right now lol
  14. For one of my detailed ABS entries, I wrote about how I worked on two thesis projects simultaneously during my 4th year due to my lab partner getting sick. I have the two theses as two separate Research entries on my ABS, so I referred to both entries when stating the Activity # in the detailed ABS (e.g. Activities #2 and 3). Should I leave it as it is (technically talking about two OMSAS ABS entries as one, don't know if thats a problem), change the Activity # in the detailed ABS entry to just one of the two projects and refer to the other without including it as a separate activity (technically wrong), or just talk about one of the two projects to be safe (would make the entry a lot less compelling imo)?
  15. Should I bother applying to Ottawa with a wGPA of 3.76?
  16. I was looking through the Method of Selection page on the Queens website had a few questions about the following paragraph about the ABS: The Admissions Committee reviews all of the submitted sketch components; Employment, Extra-Curricular Activities, Volunteer Activities, Awards and Accomplishments, Research and Other. Each component when evaluated is weighted equally. Submissions are assessed based on the quality of the listed items and the characteristics they represent (not the number of items listed). 1. "Each component when evaluated is weighted equally" - does this mean that the 'Other' component is just as important as any other component? (excuse the pun) If so, isn't that a bit odd? 2. If each component is weighted equally, should we enter a (roughly) equal number of items for each component? (e.g ~4-5 items for each of the 6 categories) 3. For "quality of the listed items", which is more important, total length (e.g x years) or number of hours? Is summer better than academic year or vice versa? Are items with a higher/more recent level of education better? 4. Does "characteristics they represent" refer specifically to the CanMED roles or is it more broad? 5. If the number of items are not assessed but the quality of each item is, would we be penalized for including items of lower quality along with higher quality items? In other words, would it be better to list only 2 'high' quality items rather than those same 2 high quality items along with 3 lower quality items? If so, wouldn't we be sacrificing the 'well-roundedness' of our application?
  17. Hi, I'm looking to apply to Queen's this year. Feel pretty comfortable with my wGPA (3.91) and MCAT (516 - 130/128/129/129) but am nervous about my ECs. Employment - None (is this a red flag?) Volunteer - 100 hrs at a cardiology clinic, 50 hrs at a family medicine clinic, 50 hrs at hospital for disabled children in India, 50 hrs at a weight loss/diabetes clinic, 30 hrs as a camp counsellor, 100 hrs peer tutoring Extracurricular - 2 years of high school sports, 4 years intramural sports at uni, 1 year Model UN in high school - Shadowing: 50 hrs w/ radiologist, 10 hrs w/ psychiatrist in England, 10 hrs w/ family doctor in England, 10 hrs w/ general surgeon in India, 10 hrs w/ family doctor in India Awards/Accomplishments - Duke of Edinburgh Bronze+Silver Medals, Varsity High School Soccer National Championship, U16 Rugby Provincial Silver Medal (don't know if I can add this since I was 15 at the time), uni entrance scholarship, 2x Dean's List in uni, 4x Honours List in high school, Poetry published in high school literary magazine, won design competition for a learning space for a Montessori school Research - 4 consecutive posters/presentations at a national family medicine conference since 2015 (studies on diabetes and obesity), Data-entry for Phase 3 trial on atrial fibrillation in seniors in collaboration with CIHR, 2 honours thesis projects in Biochemistry (lab partner fell sick, had to take over his project for the year)
  18. Hi all, Looking to apply to med school this year, heres my stats, GPA 1st year - 2.84 2nd - 3.01 3rd - 3.93 4th - 3.89 MCAT - 512 (128/128/128/128) ECs - lots of research, clinical volunteering in Canada and internationally (Europe and Asia) etc. I was diagnosed with ADD in the summer after my second year, explaining the weird GPA trend. I’m currently looking to apply in Ontario, but I fear that I will only be competitive for Queens with my cGPA and 128 CARS score. I don’t want to ask schools directly about their mental health policies as im worried I may get blacklisted somehow. Could anyone provide some advice?
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