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  1. Don't get your hopes up too much. Both your GPA and CARS are below the average you need. But if you can bring it up to a 3.6+ and get 130+ on CARS you have a much better shot. Consider also taking a 5th year perhaps and make sure you take full course loads so you meet the weighing forumlas for other schools. Honestly your GPA is salvageable just work hard. And I know what you mean. It can be disheartening comparing your stats to others and the whole process has become a rat race. But there is nothing you can do except do your absolute best and try to get in after a few cycles. If you think medicine isn't the career for you, keep your options open, but as I said to someone else on this forum before, if you don't have any luck at Canadian med schools, consider applying to the US, and possibly international schools in the UK or Ireland and Australia. Seriously everyone makes a huge deal about it but the whole IMG terror thing is completely overblown. As long as you don't go to some no name school in the Caribbean you're fine. The UK/Ireland/Australian schools have a very good education that is on par with the Canadian system. These are medical schools in first world countries vs diploma mills in developing nations. The only thing is you need to be very flexible when it comes to where you will settle down for at least 8-10 years. If you do in fact go overseas write the USMLE and apply broadly to residency spots in Canada and the USA and the country you studied medicine in. Australia is relatively friendly/accommodating towards foreign med students but Ireland and UK is a bit harder without an EU passport. But bottom line is you'll probably end up practicing medicine somewhere as long as you're not trying to get into an ultra competitive specialty like neurosurgery. So if you truly feel that medicine is the only thing you see yourself doing, your stats are fine for a school overseas. I wish you the best of luck and much success. Work hard and don't give up.
  2. Admittedly that is why I am attracted to medicine. I am a sick, twisted individual and enjoy psychologically tormenting myself by working long hours and getting burnt out. I'm not kidding either.
  3. It's like a mild, slightly smug, condescending god complex lol. To the OP, honestly, just do a second degree. Do sciences and do good on the MCAT so you at least know you have the aptitude for the technical aspects of medicine and if you still feel that medicine is the only thing for you and you can't get into a Canadian school, look into international schools in the UK or Ireland and Australia. The whole IMG terror thing is seriously overblown. You just need to be very flexible in where you can settle down. If you go overseas make sure you write the USMLE and apply to residency spots in both Canada, and the USA and even in the country you studied med in (Aus is pretty friendly towards foreigners, Ireland/UK is a bit harder) but bottom line is you'll probably end up somewhere as long as you're not gunning for some ultra competitive specialty.
  4. I have an exam in 5 days and honestly given that I've been dealing with a lot of personal stress and also since I need to work 8 hours a day every single day until then I have doubts about my ability to prepare well enough. The exam is worth 11% of my final grade. My professor offered to shift the weight of this exam to the next (which is in 1 month), so that exam will be worth 22% of my final grade. Exams are non cumulative. Slightly torn on what I should do here, any advice would be great. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the encouragement, I appreciate it.
  6. Tell me about it. A friend of mine lives in what is essentially a rodent infested box. The place I live in now is clean, quiet and relatively close to work/school, no way I'm going through the long uncertain process of trying to find a new place again. I'm not taking a full course load. I'm taking 4 in each semester (24 credits) which is technically considered a full course load for U of C but not any schools in Ontario as far as I know. Congrats on getting in, it does give me hope that someone in a similar situation did but ultimately GPA is king and it's going to be an uphill battle I think. Most of my semesters have been either 3 or 4 courses. I think I only have one with 5.
  7. Thanks yeah he was, I explained to him about my family circumstances too and things and he was sympathetic to my situation but it's seriously taking a toll on me. I doubt I'll get into medical school in Canada because I can't dedicate all my time to academics like some other people who are in a better position. UBC med is where I'd like to go but I have a 81% average and it could drop since this semester has been bumpy. I don't even want to convert that average to an OMSAS GPA. Probably horrible. I live in Vancouver the housing situation here is ridiculous and finding a new/cheaper place is literally impossible. As far as being a student goes I won't find better/cheaper housing than my current situation and that's a fact unless I am willing to move 2 hours away and then I'll have to commute 4 hours back and forth everyday for school/work which would not help at all.
  8. Because I'll be homeless if I don't.
  9. Hey thanks for your input to be honest this is basically what I am gravitating towards.
  10. Hey everyone, a little dilemma here and would appreciate any advice please. Currently I'm a student going into my 4th year of UG (at UBC if this matters at all). Medicine is a fairly recent decision but the problem is that I'm in arts and don't have a strong science background really. I don't want to write the MCAT without taking the recommended pre requisites (general bio, chem/orgo/bio chem and physics). I just finished selecting all my courses for the year none of them are sciences except 1 which is an approved course for arts students and something I need to take to meet my degree requirements. Anyway, should I rearrange my courses to take the med pre requisites now or just continue on as I am, wait until I graduate, and then take the courses online through Athabasca or Thompson Rivers OL? If I take these online courses after I graduate how does medical school view that/does it impact my GPA at all? CARS and the psych section are no problem I've been pretty good with the practice tests so far, it's just the sciences that I need to learn. Thanks for the help.
  11. Out of curiosity what do you think about an OOP applicant with a 129 CARS/3/65 cGPA? Probably unlikely but just curious. I just started my 4th year and will likely take a 5th. My hope is that I can raise my GPA to 3.75-3.8.
  12. I took 18 credits at my primary university (UBC), and during the same session, took an additional 6 transferable credits (2 courses) online at another university. Total is 24 credits, overall GPA in that year is 3.7. With a strong 4th year I am hoping to have a decent chance.
  13. TalsKnight

    CARS advice

    Khan Academy + AAMC practice tbh.
  14. My cGPA right now is about 3.65 so not competitive. At UBC with my lowest year dropped my % average is around 82 at the moment. However it should be competitive for U of C. I'd be an OOP applicant but should things go the way I'd like them to my final year my wGPA should be about about 3.85 because I had a pretty strong 3rd year. Very seriously considering a 5th year or possibly going to Australia/Ireland. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, I'm not entirely sure if this question belongs here but before I transferred to my current university I spent about 1.5 years at a local college. Unfortunately given the fact I did not really know what I wanted to do at all, I admittedly slacked off and my GPA from my lowest year there is 3.3 I think. Anyway I know some schools like UBC do count college credits but a lot of other schools do not. So, for these medical schools who do not count college credits and also have certain weighting formulas that drop your lowest year, does this mean my lowest year from my current university will be dropped (that is about a 3.6)?
  16. Doing practice science passages I can definitely say without a doubt it's a knowledge issue. Because in some cases with the khan academy biology questions for example. I was able to get at least 2-4 correct just using deductive reasoning. So taking the pre requisites I think are necessary for me. But do you know how medical schools will view this if I do it after I have officially graduated? How does it affect my GPA? Does it even count?